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Team Concord

Working at Concord means getting to see the impact of your skills and expertise.

Whether you work in Development, Quality Assurance, Project Management or Operations – your skills will shape how smart, fast, secure and intuitive our products become.

Join Concord to build you career and make a difference.


Human Resources. Chennai

Our Culture

Making a Difference

At Concord, you will find yourself part of a team where you can truly develop your skills, build expertise and create change.

Customer Obsession

Everything we do is about delivering the best possible service, experience and support to our users

Global Collaboration

Our teams are located around the planet but we stay close 24×7.


We are committed to rewarding those who go above and beyond.

Having Fun

Because work doesn’t always have to feel like work!

Keeping our teams fueled!

We offer a live kitchen and provide breakfast, lunch and dinner at no cost.

“At Concord, I am working with new technologies and finding so many ways to realize my potential.”

– ASHISH. Research & Development