Here for the Healthcare Professionals who are working against COVID-19

Concord is always committed to removing the burden of paper processes from healthcare organizations. Now more than ever, we want to help our partners in health who are fighting the outbreak of COVID-19. Our goal is to help newly-remote teams manage their documents effectively, so those teams can focus on helping our world return to normal.

Concord will work to have remote healthcare workers exchanging documents within hours or days, not weeks.

We’re helping remote teams work like they’re together

We know that our healthcare workforce is combatting the spread of COVID-19 right now, and many non-clinical staff members in hospitals and clinics are working remote. We want to make it easier.

HIPAA Compliant Fax to Email

Organizations and teams that typically rely on a fax machine or MFP can easily shift over to sending and receiving faxes from their email inboxes via Concord’s secure, HIPAA compliant Cloud fax network.

Tools for Remote Document Collaboration

Concord can replicate and enhance the tools needed for document workflows in a healthcare setting, without sacrificing the reliability and security that is required to operate in the US Healthcare System.

All of Your Fax Numbers Forwarded

Concord will expedite this transition by enabling forwarding of existing fax numbers to Concord fax lines, so no changes are required by the healthcare providers and partners you work with.

Your team’s critical documents, right where they’re needed

Concord’s document collaboration tools enable teams to work like they’re together, even when apart.

Concord is committed to our partners in healthcare

We want to assist the healthcare organizations that are working tirelessly against COVID-19. To our partners in healthcare, we’re committed to enabling your team to work apart effectively, and to making that happen as quickly as possible. We will work together with you to meet your organization’s needs, from document access options to BAA requirements. We’re committed to making it easier for healthcare organizations to focus on patients, and not paper.

Can Concord help?

If we can help your remote team work more effectively during this time, we want to do so. Please contact us or call us at +1 206-441-3346 to discuss how we can help your team with processing healthcare documents.