Aventura, FL, 15 June 2010. Concord Fax Online, a revolutionary leader in hosted fax solutions, has upgraded its integration with Microsoft Office to support the newly released Microsoft Office 2010 to support both 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions of this software. All the components to support Concord Fax Online for Microsoft Office 2010 are embedded in the Microsoft Office 2010 software, enabling faxes to be sent and received from any Microsoft Office application after a simple activation.

Concord’s customers are increasingly moving towards 64 Bit Operating systems,” said Ralph Musgrove, EVP of Market Development with Concord Technologies. “We are excited to give our customers a choice between using a 32 Bit and a 64 Bit version of our integration.

Concord’s integration with Microsoft Office 2010 makes full use of any security provided by the email system such as TLS and optional VPNs (Virtual Private Network).

Concord Fax Online for Microsoft Office is easily deployed by simply installing some registry keys, due to all the necessary the software being already built into Microsoft Office. In addition, Concord Fax Online for Microsoft Office supports universal features such as sending directly from Microsoft Office Applications and access to the Microsoft Exchange GAL and Microsoft Outlook Contacts.

Concord’s full integration with Microsoft Office 2010 is a very important feature for our customers, said Stephen Hodges, Senior Account Manager at Knowledgecentrix. “Our customers who utilize Microsoft Office 2010 are very impressed with Concord’s ability to stay current with the ever changing IT industry by integrating Concord’s Fax Online service with Microsoft Office 2010 and supporting both the 32-bit and the 64-Bit versions.

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Concord is the premier provider of integrated fax solutions for business. Its advanced network architecture provides near unlimited capacity, unmatched reliability and advanced security features. Concord Fax supports a comprehensive range of service offerings, including versatile Web Services that facilitate integration with any corporate software application.

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