Online Fax Leader Intensifies Focus on Document Automation for Healthcare.

Seattle, Washington, June 2nd, 2015 — In a business world dominated by emails, smartphones, and tablets, some may be surprised to learn that fax remains a core technology for exchanging documents in industries like healthcare. Medical records, physician’s orders, prescriptions, and claims documentation are frequently exchanged via fax between healthcare payers, providers, and suppliers.

Fax has, however, moved far beyond traditional fax machines. Many fax-reliant enterprises traded fax machines for fax servers a long time ago, enabling them to cope with higher volumes of documents. And in the last few years fax technology has moved on yet again. Fax users are now dropping their fax servers and switching to the cloud. Known as online faxing, cloud-faxing, or e-faxing, this technology is helping industries like the medical and legal professions upgrade their communications capabilities while decreasing their costs and IT footprint.

The benefits of e-faxing are obvious: no additional hardware or software required, no dedicated telephony infrastructure, and users have the ability to send, receive, and review documents on mobile devices in a secure digital environment that meets standards like HIPAA and PCI DSS.

Recognizing the need to help the healthcare industry better embrace digital technology, Concord Technologies, an 18-year leader in cloud-based faxing is significantly ramping up their healthcare practice. The firm’s HIPAA-compliant service already embeds cloud fax capabilities into their customer’s electronic health records and electronic medical records applications to ensure that these hospitals and practices can seamlessly exchange documents with other providers in a secure and compliant manner.

By seamlessly integrating with healthcare platforms and email, Concord Technologies is simplifying fax and document delivery for enterprises of all sizes. Concord’s real-time delivery confirmations, zero image retention policies, and secure email-centric design philosophy have made fax as convenient as email while avoiding many of the pitfalls email brings to regulated industries.

“Enabling cloud management of medical images and healthcare documents in a HIPAA-compliant environment is the core of what we do,” said John Harrison, Concord Technologies senior vice president. “It enables healthcare providers, payers, and pharmaceutical companies the ability to transfer documents in a secure manner using any digital device, including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Today, Concord’s secure network handles tens of millions of documents every month.”

The Seattle-based company’s signature product is its FaxRX medical business solution built specifically for the healthcare industry. The service is already integrated with more than 30 leading LIMS, EMR, and radiology applications. Concord’s ability to get customers up and running in as little as 24 hours means HIPAA-compliant e-faxing systems can swiftly replace legacy fax servers and even traditional fax machines.

Harrison continued, “It’s easy to forget that the way personal health information, medical records, authorizations, and prescriptions are delivered impacts a patient’s ability to receive the treatment they need, when they need it. During this period of significant change for the healthcare industry, while they wrestle to seamlessly interconnect their independent healthcare software solutions, ensuring that documents and records are exchanged seamlessly and securely is as crucial as ever. Concord Technologies is providing the technology to enable this and to improve the efficiency of how practitioners and practices interact with paper records.”


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Concord Technologies is a proven leader of cloud-based fax services for businesses. With over 18 years in the business, Concord has established themselves as a top three provider of online fax solutions. Started as a spinoff of Delrina (WinFax Pro) in 1996, Concord was one of the first companies making technological advancements to fax-based cloud services. From the beginning, Concord had a clear vision to build their company with a focus on reliability, development, and people.


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