Aventura, FL, 21 June 2011. Concord Technologies, an innovative leader in the hosted fax industry, now offers a unique device that allows conventional fax machines to be connected to Concord’s Fax Online network using any type of internet connection. Based on the Audiocodes MP202 device with custom firmware, FaxLync supports up to two fax machines without any of the problems usually associated with fax over VoIP or T38 connection.

“While the majority of our customers have fully moved to computer based faxing, some of our customers still wanted to keep a few traditional fax machines but benefit from Concord’s superior fax network”, said Ralph Musgrove, EVP of Market Development at Concord. “By launching FaxLync which is not subject to any network problems such as latency or packet loss, Concord provides a highly cost effective solution based on Concord’s core principles: unmatched high availability, reliability and cost savings.”

Concord’s FaxLync uses HTTPs to securely communicate with Concord’s network while making it possible to function in virtually any network environment without the need to modify firewalls or routers. Users of Concord’s FaxLync are able to send faxes at the same time their fax number receives faxes, in fact customers can receive multiple faxes on a single number simultaneously and interfaces for status reporting or file access allow for easy integration with workflow or document management applications. Concord’s FaxLync is also a great solution for Concord’s branded resellers in the VoIP space where often VoIP providers are forced to suggest keeping a few analog lines with their traditional competitors to allow fax.

We have thoroughly tested Concord’s new product and are excited to work with Concord to provide a fax solution that not only replaces traditional fax servers but also allows our customers to keep regular fax machines if they want to”, said Kyle Huffman, Business Development Manager at Paetec. “The lack of fax reliability on VoIP connection has always been the main road block to a complete VoIP migration.

Concord provides an array of fax services that can be used in a variety of ways utilizing different tools for a wide range of tasks. Concord’s FaxLync allow Concord to conveniently send and receive faxes from their fax machines using a regular Concord Fax Online account.

About Concord Technologies

Concord is the premier provider of integrated fax solutions for business. Its advanced network architecture provides near unlimited capacity, unmatched reliability and advanced security features. Concord Fax supports a comprehensive range of service offerings, including versatile Web Services that facilitate integration with any corporate software application.

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