Concord Cloud Workflow, a secure cloud-based document workflow platform, allows organizations to rapidly set up, manage and track document-driven processes. Within minutes, users can access, edit, sign and route documents in a compliance-optimized environment designed to increase process and business transparency.

“Every organization recognizes problems when it comes to managing processes where documents are involved. We set out to design a better platform for businesses to manage documents, which focused on security and compliance, yet provided total transparency so organizations could quickly understand where a document was, who was working on it and where delays were occurring,” said John Harrison, Senior Vice President, Concord Technologies. “The sooner firms can simplify managing and tracking critical processes, the easier it becomes for those inside in the process to build confidence that their work is being handled efficiently and that they are meeting response time objectives.”

Concord Cloud Workflow recently completed a three-month beta program with a number of large healthcare and financial services organizations. “The feedback from our beta participants has directly shaped and refined the product’s capabilities as well as the overall user experience,” said Harrison. Concord Cloud Workflow is currently being deployed widely throughout one of the largest hospital groups in the USA along with several other sites including universities, regional clinic groups and retail banks.

Concord Technologies has received a high-level of support from a variety of Electronic Health Records and Practice Management Software firms who recognize the power of being able to automate the document processes related to patient – practitioner – payer interactions and being able to quickly associate those documents to individual health records in their solution. Concord will continue to expand the program of working with customers and vendors to expand the library of integrated applications.

“Market response to the solution, has exceeded our expectations by almost every measure. Our customers are finding tremendous value in the ability to evolve workflows as they continue to gain more insight into their own processes. We are also seeing users keen to implement Cloud Workflow in other parts of the business,” said Harrison. “I believe we will continue to see the organic expansion of workflow within our customers’ organizations as more teams see closed black-box operations transformed into open, visible processes every stakeholder can access.”

Concord Cloud Workflow is available today.

About Concord Cloud Workflow
Concord Cloud Workflow is a simple, yet effective way to securely organize, route and manage documents within your business processes in the cloud. As a HIPAA compliant workflow platform, Cloud Workflow is ideal for healthcare organizations and enterprises looking to regain control of document-driven processes.

About Concord
Concord Technologies simplifies how organizations work with the documents which drive their business. Since 1996 the company has been helping businesses send, receive and manage documents using Concord’s secure, compliance-optimized cloud network. Today, more than a hundred thousand healthcare and enterprise users rely on Concord’s fax, workflow and capture tools to get their work done.

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