Aventura, FL, 3 January 2011. Concord Technologies, a pioneering leader in hosted fax solutions, released its Fax Online Inbound Web Services and Inbound FTP feature to complete its portfolio of integration options for industries such as healthcare and logistics.

“Concord Fax Online is built for high availability,” stated Ralph Musgrove, EVP of Market Development at Concord. “Our push based web services and FTP support is designed to fully support this redundancy.”

Both implementations demonstrate high availability as they are designed to push received faxes to the customer’s infrastructure, regardless of the Concord data center that received the fax. Both transmission methods can be used in compliance with privacy regulations such as HIPAA and PCI.

Integrating was super easy and development support was great,” said Todd Evans, Vice President at Evans, Simpson and Associates. “We had our prototype up and running in less than a day.

About Concord Technologies

Concord is the premier provider of integrated fax solutions for business. Its advanced network architecture provides near unlimited capacity, unmatched reliability and advanced security features. Concord Fax supports a comprehensive range of service offerings, including versatile Web Services that facilitate integration with any corporate software application.

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