SEATTLE, WA – March 3, 2019—Concord Technologies has released an update to their document process automation solution, NEXTSTEP. NEXTSTEP is Concord’s cloud-based platform designed to give healthcare providers and payers the AI-powered tools they need to effectively capture, access and integrate patient health information from inbound image-based and paper documents. New updates to NEXTSTEP’s capabilities include:

  • Document Classification
  • Document Retention
  • New Search features

All of the updates to NEXTSTEP’s capabilities are designed to give users even more robust document management options. Updated document classification and search features extend the ways in which users can effectively sort documents, and document retention abilities allow users to set their own retention standards in keeping with their organizations’ unique policies.

About Concord Technologies

Concord Technologies ( helps organizations in healthcare and other highly-regulated industries automate their manual and document-intensive processes. Concord’s  Cloud Fax solution is the dominant, cloud fax solution in Healthcare in the US and is responsible for the delivery of more than a billion healthcare documents each year. Concord is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and employs more than a 100 people in the USA and India.

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Contact: Ken Burns, 440–723-0925

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