SEATTLE, WA – September 24, 2018—Concord Technologies, a leading provider of cloud fax services and document process automation solutions, today launched NEXTSTEP, a new, AI-driven, cloud-based platform optimized for healthcare providers to reduce the effort required to capture, access and integrate patient health information from paper and digital documents.

Concord has optimized NEXTSTEP for healthcare providers struggling to digitize document-intensive clinical workflows, though its core features apply across all highly-regulated industries. Unlike conventional systems, NEXTSTEP is pre-trained to identify, classify and extract specific, field-level data, so it saves providers the cost and effort to “teach” the system what to look for. It also extends automated document classification and routing with the ability to coordinate document handling even with frequently-changing clinical processes.

“We estimate a sizable market of providers who are being underserved by conventional document capture and automation solutions, due to the up-front costs of implementation and the ongoing resources to own them, said John Harrison, senior vice-president, sales & marketing. “Meeting the needs of this market was our impetus to develop NEXTSTEP.”

NEXTSTEP’s platform is cloud-native, software-as-a-service so it dramatically lowers the barriers to implementation and expansion. There are no upfront software or hardware costs, and customers always have the latest version of the software. It is also built on scalable cloud architecture, so users can scale up and down to manage spikes in processing volume without having to purchase additional servers.

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Concord Technologies ( helps organizations in healthcare and other highly-regulated industries automate their manual and document-intensive processes. Concord’s  Cloud Fax solution is the dominant, cloud fax solution in Healthcare in the US and is responsible for the delivery of more than a billion healthcare documents each year. Concord is headquartered in Seattle, Washington and employs more than a 100 people in the USA and India.

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