From Fax Servers to Cloud Fax: Your Guide to Getting Started

In determining whether to replace on-premise fax servers with a modern Cloud Fax solution, most organizations have a need to understand the deployment process. Concord is committed to supporting all teams through deployment, and to enabling users to easily replicate all of their existing fax server integrations, so there’s no need to reinvent current processes.

Scope your fax server displacement

Western Union Case Study

Making your migration easy

One of the largest concerns an organization has in displacing an existing fax server is how day-to-day fax operations for users will be impacted in the switch to internet fax. Unlike other digital fax solutions, Concord completely eliminates this concern; our proprietary compatibility framework replicates your existing fax servers’ API interfaces, facilitating a massively-simplified migration. Combine this with a variety of options to send and receive faxes, as well as available features for automating fax workflows and more: Concord makes migrations effortless.

Options for receiving faxes

Users are able to receive faxes in the way that’s most sensible for their own workflow. Having multiple options for inbound fax delivery makes it easy to migrate from fax servers without any change in day-to-day functionality.

Receive Faxes to Web Portal

Receive documents directly to an online fax inbox. Keep your personal faxes private, or use a shared digital fax inbox for collaborating with a team, so that everyone has an at-a-glance view to the entire workload. User permissions can be set for specific actions such as delete, view, forward or print.


Receive faxes to a folder

Concord’s free FaxAssist can be configured to deliver faxes for individual accounts to a particular network folder in the filetype you prefer.

Receive faxes to email

Inbound faxes can be delivered to one or more email addresses, which can be assigned to individuals or distribution groups. Faxes can be delivered in the form of a PDF or TIF file attachment. Users can also receive an email link that enables them to login and view the fax in our online secure fax portal.

Automatically print received faxes

Concord’s FaxAssist can be installed on any computer in your network to automatically print received faxes, both for individual accounts or at specified shared printers.

Options for sending faxes

In moving to Cloud Fax from an existing fax server solution, Concord also enables users to send faxes intuitively, with no loss in ease-of-use or change to daily processes. 

Send faxes from email

Just as faxes can be received via email, users can also simply send faxes by email. Files being faxed are simply attached to an email addressed to *faxnumber* (or your own custom domain); in sending, Concord converts the files, compiles the faxes and sends the fax to the designated number. The sender also receives job status updates via email.

Fax from office 365 and G-suite

Similarly to faxing from email, Concord enables users to send fax from Office 365 or G-Suite application, within any application. No desktop installations needed. The interaction is as simple as forwarding a document to an email recipient.



Concord’s print-to-fax enables users to send faxes by printing documents to Concord Cloud Fax. Anything that can be printed from any application can be sent as a digital fax using that application’s print function. This functionality also allows for access to an address book, fax cover page options, delayed send, tracking codes and much more, all within the same intuitive interaction as printing.

Fax from MFP

Organizations that prefer to conintue to use an existing MFP can still do so with Concord Cloud Fax. The MFP will work the same as any other email client in use; users just need a Concord online fax user account.

Outbound user accounts and notifications

Each user account can utilize the default settings of the group that they belong to, or they can have their own individual settings. The most common configurations needed for a user are coversheet defaults and notification settings. Users can be notified when an outbound fax is received by Concord and processing of their fax begins, and they can also choose to be notified when a fax job is completed.

Replicate your existing integrations

Concord Cloud Fax gives you the power to eliminate fax servers and easily migrate all of your existing custom application integrations. Developers and IT teams no longer need to fear the complexity of unraveling the web of integrations that has been built over the years. We offer three easy ways to replicate your integrations.

Folder-based integrations

The simplest of the integration types to migrate are those that are folder-based. They are simple to configure, yet reliable and versatile. Concord Cloud Fax supports folder or file-drop integrations for both sending and transferring received faxes. Include the metadata and addressing information you need and we’ll take care of the rest.

Embedded addressing

Many fax servers use a process of embedding addressing information in the fax documents needing to be sent. This type of integration is very common when automating transmission of faxes from host or mainframe applications, but have been used for a variety of purposes by developers over the years. Concord Cloud Fax is able to interpret and process the native tokens in use by most fax server software solutions, greatly reducing the burden of coding and configuration by your development team.

API Integration

For organizations that want to completely modernize their integrations, our suite of APIs provides the opportunity for a real-time fax experience with a variety of options for sending and receiving faxes, as well as the ability to receive job status updates. Richer integrations and an improved user experience are often drivers for our customers to consider recoding integrations. Concord developers provide free integration and best-practice design support and expertise to all our customers using our APIs, enabling full customization of their cloud fax solutions.

Beyond Cloud Fax: Extended capabilities

For many of our users who have opted for the Concord Cloud Fax alternative to fax servers, one of the most rewarding differences is Concord’s offering of features to extend digital faxing capabilities. Unlike basic digital fax services, our Document Workflow and Intelligent Data Extraction solutions give our users the power to not only exchange faxes, but to put them to work for their organization in a real, meaningful way. These features can be utilized within our UI, or integrated via our APIs.

Document Workflow

Inbound documents are automatically identified, classified, and routed to the right individual or team. Shared queues enable teams to track how documents are being processed, making it simple to collaborate on document processes from anywhere.

Intelligent data extraction

The data that arrives trapped inside faxes and other documents is automatically identified and extracted from the document via Artificial Intelligence. No combing through documents, no manual entry; just data that’s ready to use.

Start scoping your fax server displacement project today:

Deploying Cloud Fax

Learn more about how Cloud Fax is deployed throughout your organization. Concord makes it simple to replicate your existing day-to-day fax operations.

Cost Considerations

The decision to replace fax servers is one that isn’t made lightly. Explore a real cost savings analysis of moving to Cloud Fax from existing servers.

Western Union Case Study

Get an inside look at how Concord helped Western Union migrate from legacy fax servers to Cloud Fax, and how they feel about the results.

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