Fax Securely from Office 365 with Concord Cloud Fax

With Concord Cloud Fax, it’s easy to send secure, PCI and HIPAA compliant faxes directly from any Office 365 application that can print. In fact, the process is nearly the same as printing a document—but instead of being sent to a printer, your document will be sent to our secure fax platform. For a more detailed look at our fax network, be sure to download our Network Architecture whitepaper.

For organizations that rely every day on Office 365 applications like Word or Excel, the ability to send documents securely from within these programs becomes a way to save valuable time and resources. Once you’re a Concord user, you’ll have access to our Print2Fax driver, which requires a one-time installation. Once it’s installed, rather than printing a document and then feeding it through a manual fax machine, Concord Cloud Fax users can fax securely with just a few mouse clicks. Take a look at our step-by-step guide to see just how easy it is to send 100% PCI and HIPAA compliant faxes from an Office 365 application.

Begin sending a Concord Cloud fax from Office 365 the same way you would print a document: Click “File” to begin. (Click on any of the tabs below to expand for screenshot.)
Click "File"
Next, select the “print” option. Concord Cloud Fax with Office 365 works by “printing” your document to our secure server, rather than to a printer.
Click "Print"
Then, select the Print2Fax option from your available printers. Once you’re a Concord Cloud Fax user, you’ll be able to install this resource in a matter of minutes. If you’re already a Concord Cloud Fax user and you’re wondering how to use Print2Fax with Office 365, you can access our step-by-step Print2Fax installation guide here. Once you have it installed, Print2Fax will immediately be available in your printer options. 
Select Print2Fax
After you’ve selected the Print2Fax driver, you’ll be prompted to enter in the fax recipient info, including that person’s name, organization and fax number. You can add a recipient from your address book, and you also have the ability to add multiple recipients. In this view, you will also have the option of adding a cover sheet, by clicking the “cover page” button. 
Enter Recipient Info
If you’d like to add a cover page, you can do so now. This function is especially important for those faxing documents that are subject to HIPAA compliance, as a cover page helps to protect the first page of info contained in a secure document. When you’ve added your cover page info, check the “Include Cover Page” box and click “OK.”
Cover Page Info
Once you have all of the required recipient info, and a cover page if you’d like one, simply click “Send Fax,” and your document is on its way to being transported securely through the Concord Cloud Fax network. 
Click "Send Fax"
Finally, you’ll receive a confirmation message that your fax has been successfully sent.

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For organizations that prioritize both security and ease of use, Concord Cloud Fax with Office 365 is an ideal solution. To learn more about our PCI and HIPAA compliant fax service, download our free Cloud Fax Reference Guide below. The Reference Guide is perfect for anyone who’s search for a cloud fax service is just beginning—it gives a detailed overview of what to look for in a fax provider, from uptime and reliability to compliance standards. If you’re ready to implement an enterprise-grade cloud fax solution as soon as possible, you can easily build a no-commitment service quote, or contact us for more information.

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