Leader in cloud fax service reveals HIPAA compliant faxing solution with flexible integration options designed for the healthcare industry.

Seattle, WA, 14 May 2014 – Concord Technologies, a leading pioneer in Cloud-based fax services is pleased to announce the release of FaxRX, a HIPAA and PCI DSS compliant online fax service. Concord FaxRX was built to adhere to compliance standards and supports an entire suite of integration utilities and web service API’s to ensure that integration is a simple task.

“We simplify compliance for our customers while providing a reliable fax solution that saves money” Stated John Harrison, SVP Sales and Marketing at Concord Technologies.

FaxRX makes HIPAA and PCI compliance more easily achieved than with conventional fax machines, which have to be physically secured to be compliant. Users send and receive faxes as email attachments or directly from integrated EHR and EMR applications. By providing secure delivery to a secured e-mail system, Concord eliminates privacy issues. Additionally, customized coversheets are automatically added to outgoing faxes and confirmed delivery reports are sent back to the sender.

The actual images of the faxes and the associated PHI are never stored on Concord’s network. FaxRX allows authorized users access to the Concord Portal where they can manage departments, customize cover pages, assign new numbers, and have extensive access to usage, data, and fax reporting.

“FaxRX is simple to use and requires no user training. It has already been integrated into many industry software solutions, allowing healthcare organizations to embed fax capabilities directly into their applications.” Stated John Harrison, SVP Sales and Marketing at Concord Technologies.

Medical professionals rely on modern networks to supply uninterrupted fax communication. Reliability and delivery are critical when sending and receiving PHI using fax. Concord FaxRX offers a reliable, cost effective, and simple to deploy strategy to meet this need. Concord’s patented SureConnect technology and never busy inbound numbers results in FaxRX’s industry leading uptime. To find out more visit http://concordfax.com/healthcare-fax/

“We deliver twenty to thirty thousand faxes per month.” Stated David White, IT Manager at Meridian Laboratory Corporation. “We had experienced lost and incomplete faxes with our previous provider. Delivering these documents securely is critical. Switching to Concord FaxRX has greatly improved the delivery and receipt of our sensitive materials to 100% throughput. Thank you so much!”

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Concord is the premier provider of integrated fax solutions for business. Its advanced network architecture provides near unlimited capacity, unmatched reliability and advanced security features. Concord Fax supports a comprehensive range of service offerings, including versatile Web Services that facilitate integration with any corporate software application

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