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Working with manual document processes is challenging. Making changes to those processes used can be daunting. With NEXTSTEP, your organization can change those processes without the cost and resource burden that comes with traditional document capture and process automation platforms.



Automated, cloud-based document capture

  • Document ingestion from fax, email, scanners, folders, and applications
  • Automated image to searchable PDF creation
  • Automated document classification and routing
  • Automated intelligent field extraction for unstructured documents
  • Automated barcode recognition and signature detection

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Document access, collaboration and processing for teams

  • Secure, web-based access to documents and workflows
  • Shared process and collaboration queues
  • Suite of document viewing and editing tools
  • Integrated, rules-based task automation
  • Detailed document, user and process tracking and reporting

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Rules-driven document process automation

  • Adaptable, rules-based process automation
  • Status, document and user-driven trigger events
  • Sophisticated rule definition capabilities
  • Individual and grouped action execution
  • Detailed process monitoring and reporting

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Document integration and delivery

  • Document, metadata and process metrics hand-off
  • Optimized for EHR and Line-of-Business applications
  • Enterprise content management platform support
  • Fax and email document delivery
  • Rules-based document delivery and export automation

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