Secure document access

Optimized for Fast-Moving Processes

When inbound documents are time-sensitive, the teams processing them need to act quickly. NEXTSTEP gives fast access to inbound documents, bringing high-priority documents and the team members accountable for processing them together.

Monitoring and Reporting 

NEXTSTEP helps you better understand your document processes and the efficiency of your teams. NEXTSTEP’s reporting capabilities provide the data you need to track performance, identify issues and ensure that you’re meeting your process timelines.

Use NEXTSTEP’s tracking and reporting to:

  • Improve process performance
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in your workflow
  • Identify user or team processing challenges
  • View every interaction on a specific work item
  • Respond to audit information requests

Working in NEXTSTEP

NEXTSTEP provides a clean, fast and simple online user experience that teams, departments or entire organizations can use to access their documents and workflows.

Get Work Done Fast

NEXTSTEP’s process-centric design makes it easy for users to stay connected with the work that’s most important. Views can be customized to filter and sort documents using a wide range of attributes, enabling users to effectively prioritize work items.

Electronic Signatures

NEXTSTEP signature allows users to sign documents directly in the UI, eliminating the need to print, sign and re-import documents back into the workflow. Signing requires password authentication and NEXTSTEP logs every signature action in the document timeline.

Document Tools

NEXTSTEP’s online document tools enable users to work on documents directly in the UI.

Document Delivery & Export Tools

Move, copy, print, and more right in within the interface.

Route document to a different team or workflow.

Send a copy of a document to a different team or workflow.

Send a document to an email recipient.

Keep a printed document.

Send a document to a fax recipient.

Store a local copy of the document.

Document Editing & Mark-Up Tools

Easily edit and mark up your documents.

Edit Pages
Remove and reorder pages in a document.

Add notes, complete forms and fill in missing information.

Add a digital stamp to a document.

Highlight areas of a document with a shape.

Black-out sections of a document.

Remove sections of a document.

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