Intelligent document capture: Simplified

Kick-start your document processes with better data


Better data from your documents

NEXTSTEP’s Intelligent Field Extraction engine automates the location and extraction of the data you need from your documents—no matter how unstructured they are or how often they change.

Better data for your processes

NEXTSTEP captures the data your document processes need to operate more efficiently. Use the data to automate tasks, enforce business rules and safeguard your information.

Better data for your applications

NEXTSTEP optimizes your documents and data for integration with your core applications.

NEXTSTEP is the intelligent, cloud-based document capture platform you can use on day one.

NEXTSTEP is changing how organizations implement advanced document capture. NEXTSTEP Capture makes it simple to bring in documents from all your sources and extract the information you need—no matter what that information is or how frequently your documents change.

  • No hardware to install
  • No software licenses to purchase
  • No maintenance contracts to renew
  • No project teams to manage
  • No zones/layouts/templates to define
  • No scaling issues to consider

Unify your organization’s document sources

Whether your organization is centralized around a single location or scattered across the globe, bringing documents into NEXTSTEP is painless. We provide you with the tools to securely ingest documents from every scanner, MFP, folder, email, and fax system in your enterprise. NEXTSTEP also offers a dedicated API for developers looking to connect custom document sources.

Images to searchable documents

NEXTSTEP makes converting hundreds, thousands or millions of images into searchable documents effortless. NEXTSTEP’s OCR engines deliver industry-leading image-to-text conversion accuracy, giving you searchable PDFs your processes can work with. And unlike legacy, on-premise capture tools, your capture scalability isn’t limited by your hardware or licenses so rapid spikes in your document volume won’t impact your business processes.

Automated document classification

NEXTSTEP gets documents into your business processes faster by eliminating the need to manually identify document types, sort documents into batches, or manually route documents to users or processes.

NEXTSTEP uses text and visual document analysis combined with machine learning to deliver accurate classification results. By incorporating machine learning into the process, NEXTSTEP learns from the results of every document capture, continually fine-tuning its classification logic.

Data Extraction

Multiple data extraction methods

NEXTSTEP provides multiple data extraction methods that can be deployed individually or combined to efficiently handle your most challenging documents.

Intelligent field capture

Extract target data from highly unstructured documents such as correspondence, clinical notes, transcriptions, and reports.

NEXTSTEP intelligent field extraction locates and extracts your data no matter where it exists in a document. There are no zones to define, templates to configure, or document layouts to keep track of.

NEXTSTEP uses artificial intelligence to find the data it’s looking for by reading the document in much the same way a human would. By reading the document, NEXTSTEP can find data regardless of whether the information is tagged, labeled or clearly identified. Changes in document style, layout or text position do not affect extraction performance or accuracy. The engine also recognizes variations in the way information is presented, enabling it to effectively zero-in on target values—even when the format of the data changes.

Barcode recognition

Rapid extraction for closed-loop processes using documents containing 1D or 2D barcodes including in-take documentation, lab tests and completed forms.

Create and manage efficient, closed-loop processes using 1D or 2D barcodes. Using 2D barcodes, NEXTSTEP can extract multiple data values that can be mapped to specific fields or merged into a single content element. NEXTSTEP barcode recognition isn’t limited to simply capturing and storing barcode values. NEXTSTEP can use the value or presence of a barcode to evaluate business rules and trigger actions.

Signature detection

Automated signature detection for rules-driven task automation.

NEXTSTEP signature detection makes it simple to create rules and automate tasks based on whether a document has been signed or not. The results of the signature detection can also be stored as metadata for use with future processing, reporting or audits.


Ideal for undefined target data, poor-quality images and complex, ad-hoc data extraction.

Key-from-image supplements automated data extraction, enabling users to key-in information from documents directly into NEXTSTEP. NEXSTEP’s key-from-image interface is simple for users to work with, providing them with both the document and fields to be populated together on the screen.

Use key-from-image in situations where determining what needs to be captured requires the human touch, or when you need to extract non-machine-printed text such as handwriting.

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