Document delivery and integration

Connecting your people and platforms

NEXTSTEP is designed to make your documents accessible from the systems and services you use the most.


Integrate documents into your core applications


Send documents to your enterprise content management platform 


Move documents into your records management system


Store documents in your local file system or cloud storage service


Deliver documents to people inside and outside of your processes

Integrate documents into your core applications

NEXTSTEP simplifies the process of getting your documents from NEXTSTEP in your core applications. NEXTSTEP packages up your documents and formats the data it captures for matching with the corresponding records in your systems.

Need to integrate documents into your EHR?

Integrate documents into your enterprise content management systems

NEXTSTEP is ideal for creating agile, quick-to-deploy document capture and workflow processes which can feed your enterprise-wide ECM platform. NEXTSTEP can securely hand off documents and metadata to the most popular ECM, Document Management and Records Management solutions.

Secure document links

One of the simplest ways to provide access to third-party applications is using NEXTSTEP’s secure document links. NEXTSTEP sends the application a dedicated URL which takes authenticated users directly to the document in NEXTSTEP. Secure document links also provide users with access to the process metrics and metadata related to the document they are viewing. Secure document links are ideal for organizations looking to centralize and secure document storage without compromising document accessibility.

Flexible document delivery

Unlike dedicated document repositories, NEXTSTEP makes sending documents out as easy as receiving them. Users can securely send documents to multiple destinations.


Secure fax



Automating document delivery

Automating and structuring document delivery is simple with NEXTSTEP. You can create automated delivery processes or insert automated delivery into a NEXTSTEP workflow.

Using NEXTSTEP to create and combine simple delivery rules:

  • Send the document when a user performs an action
  • Send the document when its status changes
  • Send the document when a workflow timer expires
  • Send the document when a tag is added
  • Send the document once it’s saved

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