Secure, transparent document workflows

Increase process speed without compromising accuracy

With NEXTSTEP you can eliminate manual data entry and document administration tasks with automated rules and actions. Easy-to-follow document workflows improve collaboration so teams can easily assign, complete and track their work. You also can keep core applications and document processes in-sync by managing document hand-off from your workflows to your core business systems.

Don’t let document processes create black holes in your operation

NEXTSTEP makes it possible to create easy-to-use workflows that allow your organization to automate low-value activities while better equipping your teams with the tools needed to tackle more complex work.

Build truly adaptable workflows

Rigid processes break quickly. NEXTSTEP helps you create workflows where the order or flow of tasks is rarely fixed. The NEXTSTEP rules engine provides routing flexibility, tracking each step and task to completion.

Eliminate manual busy work

Use NEXTSTEP to automate the repetitive document tasks your teams currently burn time on. Automation can be inserted into almost any point in your workflow, kicking off actions based on a single condition or sophisticated set of rules.

Complete more with less effort

Increasing the speed and quality of your processes means giving your teams more visibility and better tools. NEXTSTEP gives teams complete visibility, including where documents are in the process and who is currently working on them. NEXTSTEP’s suite of document tools allows users to save time by editing, annotating, marking up, redacting, and signing documents directly inside the workflow—nothing to print, nothing to lose.

Refine your processes

NEXTSTEP makes process evaluation simpler. You can see when a document was evaluated by the rules engine along with the result of the evaluation. Use this data to drill down on a specific item or, in aggregate, to identify potential issues in your business logic.

Deliver and integrate your process documents

NEXTSTEP offers multiple ways to deliver documents and the data you capture to external recipients. Teams can send documents directly from their NEXTSTEP screen or can automate the delivery process inside your workflow.

Robust reporting

NEXTSTEP helps you better understand your document processes and the efficiency of your teams. Its reporting capabilities provide the data you need to track performance, identify issues and ensure that you’re meeting your process timelines.

Use NEXTSTEP’S tracking and reporting to:

  • Improve process performance
  • Eliminate bottlenecks in your workflow
  • Identify user or team processing challenges
  • View every interaction on a specific work item
  • Respond to audit information requests

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