NEXTSTEP for Healthcare 

Secure, HIPAA-compliant document automation and EHR integration

When patient documents are scattered outside of an organization’s EHR, many of your critical processes slow down as team members manually organize, review, update, and move documents.

  • NEXTSTEP brings your patient information sources together so you can extract the information you need and run your documents through standardized processes that can be tracked from beginning to end.
  • NEXTSTEP also simplifies the process of integrating patient documents with your EHR so you can get a complete picture of your patients’ information.

NEXTSTEP for Healthcare

Moving your document-intensive processes into NEXTSTEP not only helps you get work done faster, it also provides more oversight, control and transparency to your team’s documents.

Simplify and Take Charge of Your Processes

Your Documents
NEXTSTEP consolidates patient information arriving via fax, email, scanners, folders, and other applications.
Your Data
NEXTSTEP makes every document searchable and captures the patient data you need for effective processing and analytics.
Your Teams
NEXTSTEP provides teams the tools to digitally review, update and route patient documents.
Your Processes
Use NEXTSTEP to create automated and adaptable document workflows that connect to your EHR.
Your Systems
NEXTSTEP simplifies how you connect and deliver patient information to your EHR as well as other people and processes.


Your Performance
NEXTSTEP monitoring and reporting take the guesswork out of tracking document activity, process efficiency and team performance.

Need to integrate documents into your EHR?

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