Concord Technologies’ Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), John Harrison, Talks Cloud-based Faxing and Intelligent Document Automation with Physicians Practice Editor, Drew Boxler

In this six-part video interviewConcord Technologies CCO, John Harrison, speaks with Physicians Practice Editor, Drew Boxler, about how physicians’ practices can use digital fax and intelligent document automation technologies to lower administrative costs while sustaining quality care.

The primary responsibility of any physicians practice is to provide the best possible care to their patients. However, independent practices have the added challenge of running a profitable business. Research shows that allocating resources to manually process the paperwork associated with administrative activities, such as prior authorization requests, submitting insurance claims attachments, and managing incoming referrals, account for a significant percentage of a typical practice’s operating expenses. In almost every instance, these manual document workflows are triggered by the intake or culminate in the outbound transmission of clinical documents via fax machines.

Throughout the six segments of the interview, John outlines, in straightforward terms, how the proper tools can help practices digitize document intake, routing and transmission; improve internal collaboration around fax task management; automate error-prone data entry work; and streamline information exchanges with referral partners. Have a look.


Part 1 – Document Automation: The Basics 

[Date: August. 5, 2020. Duration: 2 min, 36 sec]


Part 2 – Why Document Automation is Important to Physicians 

[Date: August 7, 2020. Duration: 1 min, 30 sec]


Part 3 – How Document Automation Can Improve Physician Practice Administrative Workflows 

[Date: August 11, 2020.  Duration: 1 min, 23 sec)


Part 4 – Document Automation Tools for Physician Practices 

[Date: August 13, 2020. Duration: 4 min, 22 sec]


Part 5 – Document Automation, Data Extraction, and HIPAA

 [Date: August 21, 2020. Duration:  2 min, 24 sec]


Part 6 – How physicians can implement document automation and data extraction technology in their practice

 [Date: August 24, 2020. Duration: 3 min, 8 sec] 


For over 20 years, Concord has led the industry in providing secure cloud-based digital faxing for regulated industries like healthcare. Now, we are leading the development of new Artificial Intelligence technologies to automatically extract and process patient data from clinical documents and ease the burden of managing fax communications.

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