(Cupertino, CA) January 23 2014 – Cupertino-based cloud computing firm, Reach IPS, today announced a partnership with Concord Fax, a leading provider of secure electronic fax service and technology. The new partnership will allow Reach IPS clients, such as hospitals and their employees, to securely transmit confidential protected health information (PHI) quickly and accurately via Concord’s electronic fax service.

“Reach IPS is proud to partner with Concord Fax, because their approach to security is unmatched on the electronic fax,” said Dennis Anderson, Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, of Reach IPS. “Reach and Concord both understand the security and compliancy needs of healthcare organizations everywhere.”

As integrated electronic medical records (EMR) and electronic health records (EHR) become more common across healthcare industries, there will be increased demand for services that ensure patient data is stored and securely transmitted to other healthcare professionals, such as pharmacies, labs, specialists, and out-of-network providers. Reach IPS and Concord Fax believe the most reliable, cost-effective, and simple-to-deploy strategy to meeting this need is leveraging electronic fax technology.

Electronic fax is perfectly suited to meet the one hundred percent uptime needs and regulatory demands of an ever-evolving US healthcare industry. It is simple to use, reduces operating cost, has impeccable uptime and reliability, meets HIPPA and PCI DSS compliance, and is fully customizable. Reach IPS delivers the same high-quality service with custom cloud desktops, and this partnership with allow Reach to continue to deliver for its clients.

The partnership, which will take effect immediately, will ensure Reach IPS’ continued ability to provide healthcare clients the utmost in data protection and security, and will allow Reach to deliver your cloud, your way.

About Reach IPS

One of the world’s foremost cloud computing companies, Reach IPS develops world-class, sophisticated, secure, and robust integrated technology solutions for its partners in the healthcare, energy, and analytics industries with built-in business technology. Reach IPS’ state of the art technological services for small and medium sized businesses allow savings of up to 40% on technology and energy costs. In addition, Reach IPS provides disaster recovery, data backup, managed infrastructure.

About Concord Technologies

Concord is the premier provider of integrated fax solutions for business. Its advanced network architecture provides near unlimited capacity, unmatched reliability and advanced security features. Concord Fax supports a comprehensive range of service offerings, including versatile Web Services that facilitate integration with any corporate software application.

Concord Technologies