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The Company

Provation Medical is a leading provider of procedure documentation software for gastroenterology clinicians. Its solutions enable providers to quickly, accurately and completely capture all relevant procedure details, which is critical for colon cancer prevention and treatment. Sharing procedure results with referring providers – most often done via fax – is a key step in the workflow to ensure care continuity and optimal outcomes.

The Challenge

Historically, Provation offered an on-premises version of its application featuring a built-in ability to digitally fax documentation right from the user interface. The application required Provation’s customers to have a dedicated fax line and equipment connected to their servers. Issues related to the decentralized fax environment, with local variables of different equipment and phone providers, undermined the software provider’s goal to improve efficiency of its clients.

“We had a lot of issues with the legacy faxing systems integrated into our on-premises platform,” admits Andrew O’Connell, Senior Product Manager at Provation. “Faxing was consistently one of the top three reasons we received support calls from our customers. Fax failures were the most frequent problem, as well as dealing with manual restarts when they hit their limit of fax retries, lost fax connections, configuration issues and general fax maintenance.”

The Solution

In 2016, Provation launched the development of a cloud-based version of its platform, known as Provation® Apex. This presented an opportunity to fix the challenges with the legacy fax system by integrating cloud fax services.

Provation evaluated three or four cloud fax vendors against specific criteria, including ease of integration, cost-effectiveness and reliability. They found that Cloud Fax from Concord Technologies stood head and shoulders above the competition.

“We wanted to equip Provation Apex with cloud faxing capabilities that would help us accelerate customer adoption of our new platform,” said O’Connell. “The right solution would enhance the Provation Apex user experience while ensuring our customers would not be saddled with unnecessary costs and risks.”


Robust API Ensures Rapid Integration

As Provation was already building out its cloud-based application, integrating cloud fax had to happen quickly and without distracting resources from product development. An API-based integration between Cloud Fax and Provation Apex took only about six weeks from the start to accepted use and did not require building of any custom features. The low cost of cloud fax service also allowed Provation to build the faxing costs into the subscription price to further streamline customer experience.

“We knew we wouldn’t have to build in a lot of new features, because Concord already had them – such as a robust faxing portal and failed fax notifications for users that eliminate daily checks. We were able to mimic a lot of the configurations we had in the past, so our users could still select what document they want to fax and to whom, which is done automatically upon completion of the physician’s procedure note in an electronic health record. The users log in to the Concord web portal to manage their faxes. It became plug-and-play, just as we wanted. It’s easy for our customers to use and low effort for us.”

Fax Support Call Volume

With an on-premise fax platform:

One of the top 3 reasons for support calls to Provation


After implementing Concord cloud fax:
Few to none


When No Support Calls Means Customer Satisfaction

Provation Apex launched in September 2018, and today, at least 30 percent of Provation Apex customers use the embedded cloud fax feature. Hospitals and clinics appreciate the reliability and efficiency of cloud-based fax, and many of Provation’s on-premises users are now moving to the cloud. Concord’s flexible contract model allowed Provation to manage contractual commitments and costs during this migration period.

“Our customers love the solution!” says O’Connell. “Today, we have almost no support calls from Provation Apex users related to faxing because Concord Cloud Fax is such an effective solution and works really well. Our users send an extremely high rate of successful faxes, which is a huge benefit for them. They no longer have to check a fax queue every day, freeing up time in their daily workflow to spend with patients.”

Concord’s high-availability network utilizes multiple data centers simultaneously to process all fax traffic, ensuring the fax platform is always available when customers need it. Using patented SureConnect technology, Concord’s platform automatically tries various call technologies and even switches carriers to successfully deliver mission-critical documents. As an example, during the last month, Concord’s delivery success rate for Provation customers was 99.88% to valid fax devices.

“The biggest benefit to us is not having to worry about faxing,” says O’Connell. It’s one of those features we no longer hear about from a product or support perspective because it’s working as it should be. Plus, it reduces our efforts both internally and with our customers. That’s all we could ever ask for.”

Provation is a registered trademark of ProVation Medical, Inc.

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