Document Access from a Secure Fax Inbox

Hospitals in the US are currently facing serious ransomware threats. As a result, blocking email attachments and document URLs may be impacting your access to patient documents. 

Concord’s active-active cloud fax platform ensures your documents are always available without relying on email.


We’re prioritzing rapid onboarding for hospitals

When our country’s healthcare experts are prevented from easily exchanging and accessing the patient information required for effective decision-making, everyone suffers. Currently, hospitals are facing the threat of ransomware attacks, and secure ways to exchange information–such as fax to email–might be put on pause by IT teams. To mitigate this, we’re offering rapid onboarding for hospitals and health systems that need to make use of our Secure Fax Inbox to exchange documents for the time being.


Rapid, no-cost onboarding

Acccount set-up is free, and we’re prioritizing account set-up for hospitals and healthcare systems during the treat of ransomware; get started in as little as a day.


Month-to-month contract

For hospitals that want to use Fax Inbox to mitigate the current ransomware threat, we are offering short-term contracts, along with our standard pay-only-for-what-you-use pricing.

Free porting of up to 10 fax numbers

Keep your existing fax numbers: We’ll port over 10 for free, and your remaining desired numbers can also be ported quickly for a nominal fee.

Secure Fax Inbox for immediate access to documents

View all received faxes at-a-glance

All inbound faxes can be received by Concord’s cloud-based, secure and HIPAA compliant Fax Inbox, where your team will have immediate access.

Processing and signing of faxes can be done within the inbox interface, or faxes can be printed out, reviewed and signed, and scanned back into the inbox.

Page-streaming faxes

Page-streaming gives users access to pages as they arrive, rather than waiting for an entire document to be received.

Inboxes for teams or individuals

Fax inbox views for individuals or different departments; track processing status of each document within the inbox.

Automatic document classification

Documents received can be automatically identified and classified by type; for example, a patient referral would be classified as such.

About Concord 

Every day, Concord is committed to a fundamental concept: take care of people, and make it simple to exchange and access information. We enable our partners in healthcare to use data from patient documents in order to make quicker, more informed decisions to impact patient care.

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