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Robert Castaneda, SVP and CIO of Centaurus Financial Inc, discusses why they chose Concord Fax as their provider of hosted fax services. Reliability was critical for Centaurus, a company that operates within the investment industry that is driven by market time.

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What challenges did you face before Concord Fax?

Prior to working with Concord, Centaurus used an electronic fax provider where we were getting our faxes delivered electronically into our mailbox. The problems we were facing with that vendor were two fold. The vendor had offshore support, so it was difficult to get support in our time zone and business hours. Additionally it was non US support which made communication very difficult.

On top of that, we had significant uptime issues. Being in the investments world, we have to rely on the delivery of our fax communications. The investment industry is driven by the market and the market time, so we need confidence in the delivery of our fax communications.

So we went looking for another vendor and found Concord. Concord made the short list and the reason we went with Concord was that they offered the features that the other vender was lacking. They offered US support with hours that support our business and completely reliable uptime, 100% uptime as far as I am concerned. Nowadays if I got a call from someone saying they are having trouble faxing I know it is not an issue on our side, it is issue completely on the side of the person who is calling.

How does Concord’s responsiveness and service reliability (uptime) compare to that of other vendors that you work with?

Our experience with Concord as a vendor, their service, and the overall reliability has been tremendous. Working with our account manager has been fantastic, I am always able to get ahold of them when I need to. In the past I have not had that as an experience with other vendors, so being able to reach out and send an email or pick up the phone to contact our account manager and describe what we are interested in doing and literally have it in affect within 24 hours has been fantastic. We have had many special projects that we have put into place where we have needed solutions quickly and we are able to do that with Concord.

As far as I am concerned, uptime has been 100%. I have been a Concord customer for a year and a half and 100% uptime is what our experience has been. Working with them has been great, being able to contact somebody with US based support during our business hours has been a great change for us. 

Would you recommend Concord Fax Online to another business?

Being in the investment industry, Centaurus commonly goes after technology solutions that are within the investment industry vertical; however, there are a few technology solutions where we look outside our industry and look specifically into the competency of the solution itself. Finding a fax solution was one of those times. There were other vendors that were within the investment industries that we looked and could have gone with, but looking into the technology of the solution itself was important to us. Accordingly, we choose Concord as our solution and are very happy. I would most definitely recommend Concord, not only as a vendor to someone within the investment industry, but to any business out there. Faxing crosses all lines of business and the reliability, competency of delivery, and the support we get from Concord would be 100% valuable to any company out there who is faxing.

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