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On Prem to Cloud Migration

Why Concord Cloud Fax

An implementation process tailored to put your team at ease

Concord’s three-step implementation process is designed to be efficient and ensures a seamless transition without downtime.

1 Understanding Your Processes
Our team takes the time to get to know your existing processes, app dependencies, and workflows.
2 Customizing a Solution
With the help of our solutions engineers, we customize a solution that works for your organization using Concord’s robust suite of APIs and integrations.
3 Executing the Plan
Our implementation team works closely with your team to ensure they feel confident and productive throughout the entire implementation process.

An implementation process tailored to put your team at ease

Concord’s Cloud Fax experts have helped thousands of customers eliminate costly, on-premise fax servers and make a simple and seamless migration to the cloud.

Pain-free management: hardware maintenance or software upgrades
End-to-end security
No implementation costs
No maintenance costs
Never-busy network with the ability to scale
No long term commitments required
24/7 U.S.-based support
Concord’s patented SureConnect technology
Proprietary integration translators
Page streaming
Shared triaging and routing document workspace in your fax platform
Practically seamless interoperability
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