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Concord Cloud Fax: In the Apps Your Team Already Uses

For users who need to enable secure Cloud Fax capabilities within the app interfaces they use every day, Concord is available within several partner applications. Our partners love Concord Cloud Fax for its reliability and security; our partners’ end users benefit from great up-time and ease-of-use. A few of our partners include:
Fax directly from the Epic dashboard and eliminate the need to switch back and forth between applications. Cloud Fax for Epic provides a more intuitive approach to faxing that saves time, enhances security, and enables authenticated users to ensure documents reach their destination.
Concord’s Cloud Fax, document routing, and data extraction solutions are all available on AppSource, the app marketplace and digital storefront of Microsoft. Users can send faxes from Microsoft 365 applications, as well as receive faxes and route them to their proper team or location.
Concord’s Cloud Fax suite of solutions is available on Salesforce AppExchange, empowering customers to streamline the way that they send documents through Salesforce. The app allows for easier receiving of faxes—even larger ones with images— directly to Salesforce, automatically eliminating the cumbersome manual process of entering records.

As a Concord Partner, you can expect solutions built with security and compliance standards in mind, great uptime, deliverability, and modern functionality that enables users to future-proof their operations.

Cloud Fax

Cloud Fax

Simplify your fax environment, integrate with your existing applications, and leverage practical innovations that have real impacts.

Document Processing Automation

Transform unstructured documents into structured data to drive informed business decisions.

Concord Care Intake

Concord Care Intake

A cloud-based application designed to help healthcare providers process referrals more quickly, eliminate intake bottlenecks, and capture insightful and meaningful data.

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