The future of paperless data exchange in Healthcare & beyond.

Concord Cloud Fax offers everything your organization needs to securely send and receive thousands or millions of faxes every day. No fax machines, no fax servers, and no long-term commitments: Just completely reliable cloud-based fax.


Secure and Compliant

HIPAA compliant, PCI certified, SOC 2 audited, and secure and encrypted at every stage: Concord Cloud Fax is designed for organizations that adhere to strict document security standards.

No Fax Servers

No downtime and no lapse in productivity, just user-friendly online fax. In moving to Concord, enterprises can easily migrate off of even the largest and most complex fax server configurations, without missing a beat.

Unparalleled Deliverability

Concord Cloud Fax leads the industry in uptime, deliverability, and overall reliability. Our patented technology ensures that faxes get where they’re supposed to go, every time.

We’re reimagining the role of fax in healthcare

At Concord, we know that faxed documents are crucial to healthcare processes, so we’re making faxes work for healthcare professionals.

We’re transforming the ease and security with which faxes are exchanged; we’re changing the way that inbound documents are handled; and we’re reimagining the way that the data needed to impact patient outcomes is extracted from documents.

Explore how Cloud Fax works for:


Day-to-day Cloud Fax users have multiple options for sending and receiving, organizing fax workflows, reporting and more.  


Available via API or through Concord’s Partner Program, we enable Cloud Fax and Document Automation integrations for EHRs and other systems. 

IT & Compliance

IT and security professionals enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Concord’s simple online fax implementation and robust compliance programs.

Over 200,000 users and rapidly growing

“Our customers love the solution!” says O’Connell. “Today, we have almost no support calls from Provation Apex users related to faxing because Concord Cloud Fax is such an effective solution and works really well. Our users send an extremely high rate of successful faxes, which is a huge benefit for them. They no longer have to check a fax queue every day, freeing up time in their daily workflow to spend with patients.”


Provation Medical

Fax server displacements, simplified

Replacing legacy fax server systems is easy with Concord. We understand traditional and digital fax better than anyone—and we know that replacing servers can be daunting. We’ve enabled countless users to seamlessly transition to the future of fax.

Start doing more with your faxes, from start to finish

Cloud Fax

The most secure and reliable way for organizations to exchange critical documents. No need to worry about fax servers or telephony management; Concord Cloud Fax leads the industry in deliverability for even the highest page volumes.

Document Workflow

Inbound documents are automatically identified, classified, and routed to the right individual or team. Shared queues enable teams to track how documents are being processed, making it simple to collaborate on document processes from anywhere.

Intelligent Data Extraction

The data that arrives trapped inside faxes and other documents is automatically identified and extracted from the document via Artificial Intelligence. No combing through documents, no manual entry; just data that’s ready to use.


Enterprise Cloud Fax

Document Automation

Intelligent Data Extraction


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