Concord Care Intake Transforms the Behavioral Health Intake Process

Concord Care Intake Transforms the Behavioral Health Intake Process

Female doctor using an iPad to confirm intake information with a female patient

(Seattle, Washington) Concord Technologies, a leading provider of secure and compliant data delivery solutions for healthcare, announces the launch of Concord Care Intake — an application specifically designed to improve the critical intake process for behavioral health providers. Concord Care Intake equips behavioral healthcare organizations with the tools, data, and analytics necessary to modernize how they handle patient referrals during the complex, time-consuming intake process.

Concord Care Intake is proven to process referrals faster by consolidating referrals from many sources, transforming cumbersome and archaic workflow patterns. In so doing, it captures insightful data that helps inform operational changes and business decisions. The result is an interactive, team-oriented, and streamlined process that helps behavioral health organizations make faster and smarter intake decisions to meet the needs of patients and grow the organization. This cloud-based application receives patient information from a variety of sources to include email, direct messages, and fax, and works alongside existing infrastructure, requiring little-to-no disruption to current systems during implementation.

“Concord Care Intake has created significant efficiencies for our intake and referral department,” said Wendy Taylor, MSW, LCSW, Director of Assessment and Referrals at Hendricks Behavioral Hospital, Plainfield, Indiana. “It streamlines the referral-review and dispositioning workflow, saving our intake coordinators significant time, and also saving intake directors nearly two hours per day through its automated analytics and reporting.”

“The data and analytics dashboards also allow us to identify referral outliers and take action to better manage our referral-source relationships,” Taylor added. “For example, if we are losing referrals from a given source, we can identify the issues, diagnose the reasons for them, and then proactively remedy the problem.”

Concord Care Intake’s sophisticated AI technology surfaces decision-making data, reducing the overall time it takes staff to review inbound referrals. This enables caregivers to arrive at the “admit or not admit” decision faster, standardizing and streamlining the referral and intake process. The application also collects operational data on the back end, providing analytics that offer a detailed view of the intake operation to determine what is and is not working.

“Behavioral health organizations have struggled to develop a solution that better manages the disorganized intake operation,” said Chris Larkin, Chief Technology Officer at Concord Technologies. “Concord Care Intake turbocharges the patient intake process, giving these providers a more sophisticated workflow and an opportunity to better deploy staff. These improvements translate to better patient care and outcomes.”


About Concord Technologies: Concord Technologies is a provider of cloud-based fax, intelligent document automation and workflow solutions to healthcare providers, payers, and other highly regulated businesses. For more than 20 years, millions of sensitive records containing valuable patient information have been accurately and securely sent and received using Concord’s Cloud Fax suite of solutions. The company is also recognized for its best-in-class development of new artificial intelligence technologies and industry-leading applications that help its customers grow and manage their business.

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