Fax and Document Automation for Healthcare

Concord simplifies and streamlines the way that healthcare organizations process their received documents, in order to quickly get data into the hands that need it.

We’re transforming the way documents are used

Every day, Concord Technologies securely moves and manages millions of pages of vital patient information. We help healthcare payers and providers of all sizes increase staff efficiency, improve patient care, and reduce operating costs. We do this by combining our secure Cloud Fax solution with our advanced AI technologies to automate document processing and remove the need for staff to manually route documents or re-enter the data found in fax documents.

Start doing more with your faxes, from start to finish

Cloud Fax

The most secure and reliable way for organizations to exchange critical documents. No need to worry about fax servers or telephony management; Concord Cloud Fax leads the industry in deliverability for even the highest page volumes.

Document Workflow

Inbound documents are automatically identified, classified, and routed to the right individual or team. Shared queues enable teams to track how documents are being processed, making it simple to collaborate on document processes from anywhere.

Intelligent Data Extraction

The data that arrives trapped inside faxes and other documents is automatically identified and extracted from the document via Artificial Intelligence. No combing through documents, no manual entry; just data that’s ready to use.

Automate document processes from start to finish


Immediate access to inbound faxes

All inbound faxes can be received by Concord’s cloud-based, secure fax portal, where your team will have immediate access. Page-streaming gives users access to pages as they arrive, rather than waiting for an entire document to be received.  Eliminating inbound document delays and manual handling gives teams the ability to provide vital information to the people that need it, faster and more efficiently.

Automatic document classification

Documents received are automatically identified and classified by type; for example, a patient referral would be classified as such. Based on this classification, the system can intelligently assist you in identifying the most relevant data that is vital to your process, so the right documents are always routed to the right team or individual. 

Intelligent data extraction

Artificial intelligence is used to identify and automatically extract the key fields that are most important to your team’s processes. Rather than hunting through received documents for vital information and manually keying it in, your team members can focus on making data-based decisions and effectively processing patient information. Our Intelligent Data Extraction capabilities integrate seamlessly with our Fax and Workflow capabilities.

Push data to your EHR

Once a received document has been reviewed and processed, critical data can be automatically pushed to your EHR⁠—or any other system where it belongs⁠—eliminating the need for manual data entry.

Improving processes within any healthcare setting

Concord gives healthcare payers and providers the tools they need to streamline everyday document processes, such as patient intake, referrals, prior authorization, claims and more. Wherever a team is working to ensure that vital information gets to the right people quickly and effciently, Concord can help. Here are a few of the care settings where our users are realizing the benefit of smarter fax and document automation.

Long-Term & Post-Acute Care

Concord enables a more efficient and more informed referral intake process, which is crucial to reducing readmissions. See how Long-Term and Post-Acute Care use Concord.

Acute Care

A well-coordinated patient intake process can lead to improvements in patient care and outcomes. Learn more about how Concord helps improve intake and more for acute care providers. 

Integrate Fax and Document Automation into your applications

Make use of Concord’s extensive library of APIs to embed a full suite of secure fax and document automation capabilities into your application. Whether you’re looking to push completely processed documents and associated data to your application, or consume Concord’s full library of capabilities as embedded features in your app, we’ve got you covered with sample code, free developer support and well-documented, mature APIs.


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