Fax Server Replacement Projects, Simplified

Concord’s Cloud Fax experts understand the complexity of displacing fax servers, and we’re committed to ensuring a smooth transition to our fully-managed online fax solution at every step.

High-volume fax capabilities, pricing that scales with you

For over 20 years, Concord has been helping enterprises realize all of the benefits of a fax server installation, but without the high cost of redundant hardware, expensive support, or phone line capacity and constraints. We give all of our users the power to streamline processes, while providing the scalability needed for even the highest fax
volume requirements. Best of all? Our users pay only for what they use, eliminating the cost, complexity and redundancy necessary of an on-premise solution.

Welcome to Cloud Fax.

Why Concord Cloud Fax?

Enterprises that have traditionally managed on-premise fax servers gain ease of use, effortless scalability, and complete peace of mind with Concord’s Cloud Fax network.


Unparalleled Uptime

Every month for over the last three years, Concord has consistently exceeded its 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Regulatory compliant capabilities

Simplify compliance with secure delivery confirmation and reporting.


On-demand scalability

Fax capacity whenever it is needed; there’s no need to prepare for traffic spikes in advance with Cloud Fax.

Number porting

Keep all your numbers and enjoy and access to Concord’s extensive inventory of new local or toll-free numbers.

Concord Fax web services APIs

Make use of extensive options for customization and integration of online fax with your applications.


Rigid Security

Extensive physical, logical, and network security protocols to protect your data.

Easily migrate from legacy fax products

Easily migrate legacy fax integrations by using our proprietary compatibility framework, which mimics the existing fax servers’ API interfaces to facilitate a massively-simplified technology migration. The user experience is also familiar: with near feature-parity and similar tools at their disposal, users can migrate their workflows with confidence.

“Concord has been fantastic, from the sales and discovery part of this project all the way to the support we are receiving. Their support is fantastic. Jason in the Premium Support team has been fantastic and has helped me get cover sheets ready, work with APIs, and get the information that I need.”

Western Union

Eliminate complexity and increase usability

Your users can transition over to Concord’s online fax service with virtually no learning curve; users easily send and receive faxes within applications they’re already comfortable with, including email. IT teams are free of the burden of managing fax servers, allowing them the bandwidth to focus on other critical projects.

No hardware to manage


Easy to adopt


Replicate existing workflows

premium support

Eliminate the risk of on-premise fax hardware failures, while enabling IT staff to focus on other critical projects.

Users have the ability to send and receive faxes from email, print-to-fax, and Concord works seamlessly with Office 365 and G-suite.

Intelligently route inbound faxes to the right team for efficient fax processing. Use Concord Document Workflow and Intelligent Data Extraction for even more fax-intensive workflows.

Concord’s world class online fax support is here for everything you need, including after-hours emergency support and 24/7 monitoring.

Start scoping your fax server displacement project today:

Deploying Cloud Fax

Learn more about how Cloud Fax is deployed throughout your organization. Concord makes it simple to replicate your existing day-to-day fax operations.

Cost Considerations

The decision to replace fax servers is one that isn’t made lightly. Explore a real cost savings analysis of moving to Cloud Fax from existing servers.

Western Union Case Study

Get an inside look at how Concord helped Western Union migrate from legacy fax servers to Cloud Fax, and how they feel about the results.


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