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Automating Manual Workflows in Healthcare

NEXTSTEP is the easiest way to connect documents and processes with the applications that run your business.

Whether your business is in healthcare or another highly regulated industry, documents play a critical role in your operations. NEXTSTEP lets you bring those documents together and create faster, more efficient workflows that are easy to use, secure and fully auditable.


Bring your documents together

From every source, in any location. NEXTSTEP works with faxes, emails and scanned images, as well as documents from folders and other applications.

Extract data that matters

NEXTSTEP makes every document searchable, intelligently extracting the data your processes and applications need.

Equip teams with the tools to collaborate

NEXTSTEP centralizes document access, giving your teams the tools to complete complex processes more efficiently.

Build better document processes

Use NEXTSTEP to create automated, rules-driven workflows that adapt to changes in your operations.

Integrate and deliver your documents

NEXTSTEP simplifies how you connect your documents with other applications, people and processes.

Create business transparency

NEXTSTEP tracks every document, process and user interaction, giving you better visibility into your operations.

Need to integrate documents into your EHR?

NEXTSTEP Solutions

NEXTSTEP for Healthcare

Integrate patient documents with the data in your EHR.

NEXTSTEP simplifies and automates how you capture, access and process the documents supporting patient care.

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NEXTSTEP for Enterprise

Document automation optimized for performance and transparency.

NEXTSTEP is ideal for businesses looking for document automation that’s secure, adaptable and simple to integrate.

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NEXTSTEP for Developers

Embed NEXTSTEP into your application, platform or service.      

NEXTSTEP’s capture, access, process, and integration components offer sophisticated document automation capabilities combined with a secure, managed cloud platform built for demanding industries.

Learn more about NEXTSTEP for Developers >

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