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Receive online faxes in your email inbox and manage faxes just like you would manage email messages. With Concord Cloud Fax, any email client can be used to receive faxes, including free webmail services or email on your smartphone. Faxes are received as PDF, TIF, or XPS attachments to the email message, and can be printed, saved, archived, or forwarded.


Sending a secure, compliant online fax with Concord is as easy as sending an email message. Using any email client, including free webmail services or your smartphone email, send faxes via email with the fax document attached to the email message. Add cover page text by including notes in the email body, and receive delivery confirmation via return email.


With Concord’s Print2Fax, you can send secure internet faxes from Windows applications that have a print option. Select the Concord Fax Printer and add fax recipients, or look them up from your phone book. Select a cover page and add notes, include tracking or billing information if needed. Receive fax delivery confirmation via email.


Creating custom, HIPAA compliant fax cover pages is easy with Concord Fax. Custom cover page settings can be enabled for each user or default settings can be created by department, sub-department, or at a companywide level. Starting with our cover page template, this video will walk you through branding it for your company and uploading it into the Concord Web portal.


Get an introduction to the Concord Cloud Fax Web Portal: This video takes you through the ins and outs of the Portal and all of the ways it will help you manage faxes and fax activity. For those businesses in highly regulated industries, one of the most appealing features of the Portal is how easy it is to keep track of fax transmissions, making PCI and HIPAA compliant faxing simple.


Reporting fax activity with the Concord Cloud Fax Web Portal: This video covers the reporting side of the Web Portal, and will walk you through the different reporting options and functionalities. The Cloud Fax Web Portal is your place to gather info and insights on your business’s fax activity. For organizations that are committed to HIPAA compliant online faxing, the reporting feature is highly valuable.


This video gives an overview of the user account experience with the Concord Cloud Fax Web Portal. Learn how to view your traffic patterns, access your inbound and outbound usage and also set and maintain account settings. For users, this is the place to view all activity related to their personal online fax activity.


This video gives an in-depth tutorial of creating and managing administrator and user accounts in the Concord Cloud Fax Web Portal. Learn how to assign fax numbers to users, create custom delivery options, manage cover page settings, and more.


If you have existing fax numbers, this video will show you how easy it is to port those numbers over to the Concord network. Whether your numbers are internet fax numbers or traditional, you can port them to Concord and use them to send secure online faxes. Utilize the Concord Cloud Fax Web Portal to initiate your port requests, upload authorization documents, and check on your porting status.



Overview of Fax Assist  – a simple-to-use tool that integrates with internal applications and systems to initiate internal workflows, document extraction, and OCR processes or embed documents into custom applications.



Overview of the main features of Concord’s Cloud Fax Network Health Dashboard. 



An overview for Concord Fax Administrators of Concord’s Security Policy Settings. 



Introduction to managing Cloud Fax numbers.

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