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The Key to Improving Document Workflows in Healthcare Is Automated Fax

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Using a cloud fax solution rather than an on-premises server for fax is just the beginning of turning a fax solution into an operational advantage. To enhance document workflows and drive efficiency, many organizations incorporate automated fax functionality that improves their processes for handling and using received information.

Automated faxing facilitates intelligent Data Extraction, a Clear Business and Operational advantage. Speak to a Cloud Fax specialist to learn more!

Improved Document Workflows

More than just sending the image of a document via Internet, automated fax facilitates document classification and data extraction. The process of classifying documents is an entirely manual process for many organizations, who are reliant on physical documents and folders. For others, the classification is managed with technology that is still dependent on users to physically review a document on-screen to determine its classification. With automated fax, documents received are automatically identified, classified, and routed to the appropriate person or team. Because documents can be sent to a shared queue, all members of the team can use the folder monitor to get insight into processing status, which facilitates collaboration among everyone who should be involved. Some of the workflows that are possible include:

  • Insurance Claims Processing

    – The data within a digitized received claim is extracted, and the system indexes it to the right transaction. A staffer quickly can push the notes and data from the claim into their system for processing.

  • Inbound Healthcare Referral

    A team member begins processing an inbound referral that arrives in a team’s shared folder. The system extracts information to facilitate a data-based decision, which is routed by the provider to the EHR, triggering a Cloud Fax confirmation back to the referring provider.

The Benefits of Intelligent Data Extraction with Automated Fax

Once Concord’s automated fax has used artificial Intelligence (AI) to establish a document type, it is routed appropriately. In addition, data identified by a document scan is automatically extracted, allowing users to spend time making decisions, instead of searching for information and entering it in another form. Concord’s automated fax services are designed to facilitate business critical actions and eliminate rote busywork. Another advantage is that the system removes the possibility of errors from mistyping while transferring data. Users can compare extracted data to that in original documents to be certain of accuracy.

Automated Fax Enables Organizations to Use Data More Effectively

Concord Intelligent Data Extraction uses AI to automatically process documents, including interpreting their content and purpose. The system looks for data that has meaning to an organization wherever it may be in the document and however referenced. Best of all, the nature of machine learning means system accuracy continues to improve. Healthcare forms are a great example of the value of this solution—being able to extract patient metadata alone from them can be extremely valuable and lead to time and cost savings. Concord users can create workflows from the following automatically extracted data points:

  • Patient name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Date of Encounter (DOE)
  • Social Security Number (SSN)
  • Medical Record Number (MRN)
  • Patient related identifiers like patient ID, member ID, subscriber ID, account ID, etc.
  • National Provider ID (NPI)

Concord Automated Fax assists organizations in healthcare and other industries to help raise the proportion of time their people spend on high value tasks. Automating the extraction of data and other information from fax transmissions facilitates faster decisions, enhances team collaboration, and also eliminates some of the potential for human error.

Learn more about our solutions for Intelligent Data Extraction.

Automated faxing facilitates intelligent Data Extraction, a Clear Business and Operational advantage. Speak to a Cloud Fax specialist to learn more!

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