2022: A Year in Review

2022: A Year in Review

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It has been quite the year for Concord Technologies – one that has pushed us to reassess our goals, define our primary point of value, create innovative software, and continue to deliver for our customers. Working alongside Concord’s bright and talented team to create more value in our services has been an exciting journey. And in many ways, we’re just getting started.


Stability and Reliability

A big focus this year was making sure our primary service, cloud fax, remained secure and reliable. The reliability of our infrastructure is essential due to our rapid growth. With innovation comes growing pains, and so often, when you grow technology as fast as we have, the first thing to take a hit is stability. We’ve been rapidly adding to our offerings, pushing out new features, often because it’s what our customers need. But we also understand that our customers’ priority is uptime. That’s why, along with new developments, we’ve also spent the last year putting in the time and attention on our cloud fax services.  That means continuing to be the best we possibly can at providing a stable and reliable service, both for our primary Cloud Fax services alongside more advanced, AI-driven features such as document classification and data extraction.

Concord Care Intake

Developing Concord Care Intake, a revolutionary new way for behavioral health intake teams to view, assess and process referral data, has been a massive undertaking for Concord, requiring enormous effort and creativity from our team. Concord Care Intake already is enabling healthcare providers and their teams to process referrals quickly, improve workflow patterns, and study the key metrics necessary for operational quality improvement.

We are excited to take decades of lessons learned as a cloud fax provider and roll them into a service that can ease the chaos intake teams face daily.


Making Good on “We Make Data Meaningful.” 

Concord’s new vision as a brand is to “make data meaningful,” which will be the guiding force in developing our company roadmap. Along with Concord Care Intake, we’ve also staffed up our USAI team to help us adopt the gold standard of healthcare data transfer — Fast Health Interoperability Resources (FHIR).

FHIR can be deployed alongside cloud fax to provide an additional avenue for transferring healthcare data. With the adoption of FHIR, we are more than a cloud fax company delivering data; we are a company that helps customers put that data to work.


As I reflect on this enormously productive year for Concord Technologies, with all its leaps forward, I feel a sense of pride in all that we’ve accomplished. I look forward to stepping into 2023 with a continued sense of curiosity and excitement and, fortunately, with an incredible team by our  side.

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