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Concord Fax & Document Processing Packages

Streamline document-centric healthcare business processes while simplifying collaboration across departments with a high degree of reliability and security. Concord is enabling organizations to effectively harness the power of their document communications. The right features will enable your data to work for you, rather than the other way around. Faster decision-making is at your fingertips.

For enterprises that simply require a secure, reliable fax solution.
  • Fax to Email, Email to Fax, & Print to Fax capabilities

  • SureConnect™ reliable Cloud Fax transmission

  • Fax Inbox web client

  • Port existing numbers

  • DID Assignment

  • No-cost Premium Support

  • Fax routing to one destination

  • Free access to Cloud Fax APIs

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For easy routing, management and storage of fax documents
  • Organize and store fax documents

  • FaxAssist routing to an onsite printer or network folder

  • Modify documents and view revision history

  • Separate login for Secure Fax Inbox

  • Unlimited Users

  • View sent & received documents with timeline

  • Address Book

  • Generate & download searchable PDFs

  • Customizable folder structure

  • Folders for Archived & Deleted documents

  • All Base functionality

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For organizations seeking advanced automation and integration.
  • Advanced routing and workflow automation

  • Collaborative workspace & shared document queues

  •  Advanced APIs, third party integrations and Folder Monitor file transfer

  • Configurable custom tagging

  • Upload documents into user interface

  • Route incoming faxes to multiple destinations

  • Make documents searchable

  • Digital signature placement

  • Ability to split and merge documents

  • All Base + Essential functionality

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For Intelligent Document Processing with Concord's Practical AI™ approach.
  • Advanced data capture and  barcode extraction

  • Document classification

  • Fax page streaming – receive incoming documents page by page

  • Signature detection

  • Global search functionality

  • All Base, Essential + Advanced functionality

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Answer a few short questions about your organization's fax and document workflows, including how many users you have, what types of data you process, and what format it's received in. Then let us generate a suggested feature set for your organization's unique needs.
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