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5 Implementation Differentiators to Demand from Your Cloud Fax Partner

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It’s no secret that document-driven industries such as healthcare have moved to digital — or cloud — fax document management. With the right partner, they gain secure, reliable data delivery alongside the ability to analyze incoming documents, intelligently extract data for delivery to workflows and much more. At the same time, they can allow you to eliminate costly, ground-based physical servers that may be in constant need of upgrades and support.

Not all cloud fax providers are alike, however, so it’s important to see what a provider offers at the outset. The way that a provider handles their implementation process will be a good indicator for how they act as a partner. A strong start means that the upsides of cloud fax can materialize that much sooner. With that in mind, here are a few things anyone considering cloud fax should want to see from the outset:

No-Cost Implementation

A great per-page price and other benefits don’t mean as much if the contract kicks off with a pricey implementation charge. Providers should be up-front with any set-up costs. Implementation services can be a significant early cost for setting up cloud fax services. Concord Technologies, however, doesn’t charge for these valuable services, whether it is a completely new cloud-fax setup or moving services over from another vendor.

Experienced Personnel

Depending on the client’s needs, there can be some complex technical issues involved in moving from analog to cloud fax or changing vendors. If the implementation team doesn’t have a lot of experience, the process can take longer than needed, interrupting or slowing critical business operations. Concord Technologies’ implementation team has a deep and broad knowledge of all kinds of cloud fax scenarios, from simply porting over phone numbers to setting up specific, AI-driven custom processes that analyze documents, extract data to workflows and more.

Timeline Transparency

Concord’s project management team can pivot implementation timelines and tasks as the process unfolds. This allows deadlines to be met and supports our frequent and easy-to-understand updates to clients. Plans can change, so our team makes sure they’re ready for anything, and can communicate any process shifts when needed.

Single Point of Contact

“Who do I call for updates?” should never be a question during the implementation process. That’s why Concord provides a single point of contact right away for all new clients. That implementation specialist works with the client team, at their own pace, throughout the process. Whether it’s setting up tiered training so departments or specific groups of employees can learn new features or providing other support, that point person stays with the client until the Cloud Fax processes are up and running.

One Team Focused on Wraparound Support & Service

But what about when the implementation is over? Now what? At Concord, this milestone is the next step of an ongoing relationship between the fax vendor and client, not a cold handoff between personnel. A lot of people, from account managers to engineers to an experienced support team, are working to provide every client with outstanding service and support. They are an extension, not a replacement, of the trusted relationship clients have built with their implementation specialist and team.

Ready to see how Concord’s full-service implementation is just one of the many ways we provide secure, superior Cloud Fax services to a wide and growing variety of companies around the country? Let’s talk.

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