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Applicant Insight

Tony Varano, Vice President of IT for Applicant Insight, discusses how they use Concord Fax within the background screening industry.

HIPAA compliance and keeping documents secure is a priority for their business and Concord was able to help them move to web-based faxing while staying compliant.

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Why did you choose Concord Fax

We started looking online for fax providers that could provide us with web-based faxing and quickly determined that Concord Fax was a good solution for us and we ended up selecting them as our provider.

When we were looking into Concord Fax we wanted to be sure we were able to do fax to email and fax to fax because we still had existing fax customers that we need to make sure that we supported real time faxing.

With this solution we were able to eliminate all fax machines. We don’t have a fax machine in our building any longer. All of our outbound fax goes out through the Concord solution.

How easy was it to deploy Concord Fax? How have your users found the experience?

After we identified Concord as a fax solution, we entered into an agreement and within thirty days we were able to migrate all of our phone numbers and all of our solutions over to Concord and end-of-life the solution we had in place.

As we moved over to Concord, we worked with Concord to win back numbers, which is usually a very frustrating process but it went really well and they set us up within thirty days.

Since we have moved to the Concord Solution our end users have provided feedback that it is easier to use than the solution we had before. We use to have to get up out of our desks and pick up faxes off a fax machine. They now get routed right through email to our desks so we are more efficient than we were before.

With our outbound faxing, although we still scan stuff in we are able to scan to fax and send it straight out from our desktops.

How has Concord Fax helped your business meet security needs and requirements?

Being in the background screening industry it is important that all of our communication are secure. After doing some research it was quickly identified that Concord could provide a secure fax solution that allowed us to continue to operate our business without the risk of having problems with any of our proprietary information.

How has replacing your old fax server benefitted your business?

When we selected Concord, we moved away from a Right Fax solution. Right Fax was a good solution for the time we used it, it provided us the services that we needed at the time, but as we evolved it became quickly apparent that we would have to keep maintaining and upgrading our solution. With Concord, all of the upgrades are included, all of the maintenance is included, and you no longer have to support all of the effort that it would take to maintain an in-house system.

How has Concord Fax helped you meet security requirements?

As we selected Concord to help replace our existing fax solution Concord was very responsive, provided us the required solutions, and moved our numbers rapidly.

Would you recommend Concord Fax to another business?

We selected Concord not knowing the value of the product that we were looking at. At this point, after three months of service, I would highly recommend that other companies consider Concord for their faxing needs.

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