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Concord Cloud Fax for Care Coordination Software


From the case study:

“The shift to value-based reimbursement models has increased the demand for acute and post-acute care providers to communicate the medical necessity of services to health plans. Providers must meet quick turnaround deadlines to submit clinical documentation to payers to support their authorization requests. Failure to meet these deadlines can result in care delays for patients as well as denial or reduction in payment to providers.

Fax is the most common secure communications protocol that providers use to electronically transmit patient documentation to health plans and other care facilities. But an unreliable system for sending and receiving faxed documents can mean that providers do not get paid and patients fail to receive the care they need.”

“We saw that the capacity and reliability of our fax appliance system was diminishing, and we had no real recourse. Our in-house hardware just wasn’t a sustainable or modern solution,” explains the company’s senior vice president of development and solutions. “As the devices started to go out of support, we decided we needed to switch and find a cloud faxing service to reliably manage all aspects of hardware and communication lines we required.”

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