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Cooper and Scully

Cooper and Scully

Tim Dasch, Chief Information Officer of Cooper & Scully, talks about how they use Concord for sending and receiving faxes within the legal environment. Attorneys at Cooper & Scully rely on fax for sending out large pleadings to distribution lists.

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What were you using for fax before Concord Fax?

Prior to using Concord, we were using manual fax machines. We had several located in a centralized service center. What we found was that secretaries and assistants were spending a lot of time moving to that service center to send a fax and standing around waiting for the fax to be completed to receive confirmation pages. There was a lot lost effort and productivity during that time.

We did try one other cloud vendor before Concord and found them less than satisfactory. We have since moved to Concord and have been extremely pleased the whole time. We send a lot of small faxes like letters, but we also send quite a number of very larger pleadings to big distribution lists. We use Concords process heavily and it has been very well received.

Why did you choose Concord Fax?

Primarily the factors we used in selecting a fax vendor, and determining our process, was being sure it would be easy to use with low maintenance and cost. But reliability is the key in our environment. I mentioned we used a previous cloud fax vendor before Concord. One of the problems we had with them was the unreliability of the fax confirmation emails. And if you are using fax for proof of service you have got to have confirmation. We have not had that problem with Concord, and it has been a great process for us.

What was your experience deploying the solution?

We use the fax by email through Concord. That was very easy to implement because everyone knows how to use email. So this was very simple for users. All they really have to do is to address to the recipients fax number, attach the PDF and send it. That is all they have to do, and they receive a confirmation back. Plus, with Outlook, most of your other client correspondence is in your inbox or outbox, so having your faxes in your sent box with the confirmation receipt is great. You can move it directly into a subfolder and keep all correspondence in one place organized by case in order to document your work.

How is Concord’s fax service reliability?

In the years we have used Concord, I am not aware of any outages. It has been easy and we have had no issues.

Would you recommend Concord Fax Online?

I absolutely would recommend Concord, and I have recommended Concord. I am a member of ILTA, International Legal Technology Association, which many other firms are members of and I recommend Concord frequently through that organization. The relationship has been great, the service has been great, and I am extremely happy.

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