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Hedrick, Gardner, Kincheloe and Garofalo

Hedrick, Gardner, Kincheloe & Garofalo

Jeremy DeHart, IT Manager at Hedrick, Gardner, Kincheloe & Garofalo, LLP, talks about his company’s transition from in-house fax servers to a cloud-based fax solution. The migration was simple and more cost effective than keeping the fax infrastructure in-house.

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Why did you choose Concord Fax Online?

Previous to using Concord Fax we were actually using a Right Fax solution that was fairly antiquated. We also had an old PBX and in order to upgrade Right Fax to a later version, we would need to acquire on-premise fax gateways and other hardware to be integrated with our old PBX.

As part of our PBX upgrade we looked long and hard at our fax solution. I weighed the options between an on-premise fax solutions with a cloud fax solution. At this point, I had several demo accounts with some of the large online fax corporations and ended up meeting Concord Fax at a technology convention. The choice between cloud and on-premise hardware boiled down to the fact that we have limited staff resources for IT. We have had many issues with Right Fax technology that we had to work through ourselves or call into second hand support and get answers to. Not only that, but on-premise depends on our ability to provide dial tones to the fax machines, where a cloud solution would manage all of the uptime, provide all the dial tone to the machines, and in the event that our computer system goes offline, they will hold onto those faxes for us until we can get back up and retrieve them.

I did a lot of shopping around with other online fax vendors, as well as other on-premise fax solutions, and the technology and ease of use that cloud faxing solutions provided was much better than the in-house. From the cloud vendors, deciding on Concord came down to price and the customer service that we received.

How do you use Concord Fax Online in your business and how have your users found the experience of working with the product?

The ease of use of the product, being that you craft an email, attach a wide variety of documents and put some optional formatting commands for the cover page, ended up being the easiest migration or upgrade that I have seen. Going from Right Fax, which was a local install, moving to crafting an email was very easy.

We had an immediate positive response from the users. We basically enabled all users to use outbound fax through Concord immediately. Then we decided on a process for coupling workpods, attornies and legal assistants together, for incoming faxes that they could then upload into a case management system and archive.

Concord Fax was very good about customizing our experience for the users when they would come back with requests for received receipts and other notifications. Overall, the users have taken to it immediately with very little training from IT. We just sent out some PDFs and links to videos that Concord provided to us and we have received very little questions about how to use the product.

How have you found Concord to be reliable and competent?

From the beginning, when I meet Jenny at the technology summit I was at, she has stayed in contact and was very instrumental in setting up the pilot and she always had the information that I needed. There was a lot of hand holding walking me through how we could go about implementing through different stages. Our previous Right Fax solution only covered one of our four branches while the remaining three relied on traditional fax machines. In implementing Concord we were able to provide online fax capabilities for all four branches. That transition was very simple based on the fact that their customer service is very fast to respond to our questions on how to configure it to each of our branches. They walked us through how to make the changes to our accounts and also allowed me to submit requests to them to make changes to all of our user’s accounts at once. 

Would you recommend Concord Fax Online to another business?

The experience has been great and I would absolutely recommend Concord Fax to other business. The price and customer service they deliver makes it a great investment. I will be recommending it to the other IT Managers that I know.

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