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Princess House

The Company

Based in Taunton, Massachusetts, Princess House has been a premier direct selling company for over 45 years. Their profitable business opportunity enables every woman to create both a personal and professional way of life that remains true to her unique values, priorities and definition of success. Their cooking, entertaining, and serving products are relevant and on trend, offering style, quality and versatility. Princess House embraces diversity and is committed to providing top-level support to consultants, hostesses and customers alike.


The Challenge

Princess House has been using a fax server for their day to day communication with consultants who exclusively use faxing for processing order forms. As the business grew, Princess House decided that they needed to update their fax server to keep up with the workload, along with a system to better track receipt of the order forms. Princess House had specific needs, such as a header for all incoming faxes to reflect the date and time they were received at the Princess House headquarters, since many offers are only valid for very limited times. In addition to flexibility, Princess House needed a fax solution that provided high availability and high capacity for maintaining the workflow, mainly because the majority of their faxes are received during very short periods of time at the end of promotional periods, often exceeding 4000-5000 order forms. After looking into upgrading their fax server, Princess House realized the update would be costly due to the cost of additional hardware and software as well as software maintenance and communication infrastructure such as two T1s. Consequently, Princess House came to the conclusion that a fax server was not cost-effective and lacked the flexibility needed to meet the demands of their growing business.


The Solution

Princess House evaluated several options during the decision making process. Concord Fax Online, an internet fax service, was chosen based on the ease of deployment, cost-effectiveness, reliability, network capabilities and functionality. Concord’s hosted fax solution was a logical choice due to speedy implementation and real-time failover for both inbound and outbound communication, as well as virtually unlimited fax capacity. This capability is critical to Princess House, as they are able to efficiently manage 4000-5000 faxes that come in on the last day of the period. Concord provided a comprehensive solution which included operational support of fax without any capital investment along with an auto printing feature through Concord’s FaxAssist service utility, which met Princess House’s business need of tracking receipt of their order forms by creating a header for all incoming faxes to reflect the date and time they were received at Princess House.


The Results

Concord Fax Online provides Princess House with a comprehensive, reliable solution that eliminated the expenses associated with owning and operating a fax server. Of the many features available in Concord fax Online, Princess House mainly utilizes Fax to Email (F2E) and Email to Fax (E2F). When the email is sent to the Concord network, the attachments are processed and transformed into a format suitable for delivery to fax machines. The fax is then delivered to its destination fax machine anywhere in the world and the delivery status is returned to the sender in the form of an email message.

For incoming faxes, Princess House also utilizes Concord’s FaxAssist feature which manages and routes selected incoming fax communications. Concord enhanced FaxAssist to include a fax header for all incoming faxes to reflect the time they were received at Princess House headquarters, so orders can be processed based on met deadlines. The auto printing feature provided by Concord’s FaxAssist was an important component for maintaining the workflow along with tracking receipt of the faxes. These features allow Princess House to efficiently collaborate with their consultants in a timely and cost-effective manner. “Concord Fax Online eliminated the costs associated with an in-house solution and they were also able to make a specialized adjustment that catered to our business needs. Their system was easy to deploy and it was up and running instantly,” stated Glenys Botelho, Desktop Support Analyst at Princess House.


“ Concord Fax Online eliminated the costs associated with an in – house solution and they were also able to make a specialized adjustment that catered to our business needs. Their system was easy to deploy and it was up and running instantly .”

Glenys Botelho, Desktop Support Analyst Princess House

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