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Provation Medical

Provation Medical

Learn more about how Concord is helping this leading software provider for gastroenterology clinicians reduce support calls and foster user success—simply by switching to Cloud Fax.


From the case study:

Provation Medical is a leading provider of procedure documentation software for gastroenterology clinicians. Its solutions enable providers to quickly, accurately and completely capture all relevant procedure details, which is critical for colon cancer prevention and treatment. Sharing procedure results with referring providers – most often done via fax – is a key step in the workflow to ensure care continuity and optimal outcomes.

Historically, Provation offered an on-premises version of its application featuring a built-in ability to digitally fax documentation right from the user interface. The application required Provation’s customers to have a dedicated fax line and equipment connected to their servers. Issues related to the decentralized fax environment, with local variables of different equipment and phone providers, undermined the software provider’s goal to improve efficiency of its clients.

“We had a lot of issues with the legacy faxing systems integrated into our on-premises platform,” admits Andrew O’Connell, Senior Product Manager at Provation. “Faxing was consistently one of the top three reasons we received support calls from our customers. Fax failures were the most frequent problem, as well as dealing with manual restarts when they hit their limit of fax retries, lost fax connections, configuration issues and general fax maintenance.”

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