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Rainwater, Holt and Sexton

Rainwater, Holt, and Sexton

Rick Gunther, CFO of Rainwater, Holt, and Sexton, talks about his experience with Concord Fax Online. Rainwater, Holt, and Sexton started looking for an alternative fax service after receiving constant busy signals with their current fax lines.

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How is fax being used in your business and what challenges caused you to seek and Online Fax Service solution?

As our practice areas grew so did our need for non-congested fax lines. When we started the law practice we began with one fax line, and over six or seven years of growth we were up to maintaining seven telephone lines for fax and we were still getting constant complaints about busy signals. This made us start looking elsewhere for a different solution.


Why did you choose Concord Fax Online?

We, like any diligent business, did our research and looked through all the options such as adding more fax lines, bringing more fax servers and hardware in-house that we would have to manage, and looking at outsourcing options similar to Concord Fax. We were in the process of analyzing the cost and all the headache that goes with managing things in-house when another law practice, who we trusted and whose work is similar to ours, suggested Concord Fax. They had been a long standing customer with Concord Fax so we started to investigate the online faxing services that Concord offered.

Once we did the analysis and figured out how the technology worked specific to our business they were able to uncover several different options for solving multiple problems we were facing.

We are very pleased to have this as an all-inclusive fax solution for us with practically zero management.


How easy was it to deploy Concord Fax Online and what has been the overall experience of your users working with the product?

Concord offered us three services to accommodate our move to an online faxing service: the FaxLync device, the porting of our numbers, and faxing via email.

The FaxLync device has allowed us to be able to use our current equipment, like fax machines and MFDs, that we already have capital invested in. So all of our faxes are handled within the same solution, same billing, and same management system.

As an established business I did not want to start over with new fax numbers. We were able to port our existing numbers to the Concord Online fax solution. It surprised me how easy that process worked because I have done several different ports with other phone companies and I have never had one go as smooth.

Now, we no longer have busy signals. I had so many problems before with complaints from employees and medical providers that we could not get faxes in or get faxes out. Now, when you send a fax to my law firm as 50 other people are sending faxes at the same time, everybody gets through! It is working very well for us.

The last solution we are using with Concord is faxing via email. Now with Concord we have the ability to send a fax by email from their desktop. They can scan in their documents, or use an existing document they have on their computer, and then simply attach it to an email, type in the number, and can go back to work immediately.

All three of these services have worked very well for us and were very easy to implement.


How does Concord’s responsiveness and service availability compare to that of the other vendors that you work with?

In the four or five months we have been using this service, I have not had to call Concord one time with any complaints, problems, technical issues, or downtime. I have had no reported issues from any of my staff, and they would be the first to tell us if there was a problem. We have about 90 users between the offices and nobody has had any problems. With this online fax solution I have had multiple employees tell me how much they enjoy it, how much faster it is, how much more reliable it is and how happy they are that we have implemented the service.


Would you recommend Concord Fax Online to another business?

Yes, I would absolutely refer Concord’s services to any other business who is looking to try and fix, or improve, their fax services. If your business is large or small, the benefit of Concord is that the service is scalable for your business size.

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