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Western Union

Johnny Rivera, Telcom Manager for Latin America Western Union, talks about how Western Union eliminated old and unreliable fax infrastructure to consolidate to one, cloud fax solution.

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How do you serve the need for fax communication in your business in the past?

We started a project for replacing the legacy system that we have in our company for faxing. That was our in-house application that needed a lot of management support and resources to continue to run right. Unfortunately, we are not experts in fax systems so that was taking a lot of time from our team and wasting a lot of resources. On many occasions where faxes could not go through we did not know what was happening with the system. This is why we started looking for a new solution and found Concord.

As I mentioned, our old systems, Right Fax and efax, was an in-house legacy system and I was called by my boss to participate in a program where we would improve the ways in which we handle fax. The idea was to take a look into the system and see if it was possible to upgrade the old system to try to get it up to speed. At the end of the analysis process the decision was made to bring in a new system to help us in sending and receiving faxes.


What alternatives were considered and why did you ultimately choose Concord Fax Online?

The different options we looked into was upgrading the Right Fax system. We realized the system itself was really old and requires a lot of investment to upgrade it and get it up to speed. We would also have to bring in more people internally to manage the system itself. Based on that and running some numbers, we decided to also look into the market for a third party system. This is where we came across Concord Fax. We started talking to Concord asking them what services they provide, what footprint they serve, and also tested their services. Through that process we decided to go with Concord because they fully meet our needs. We started a relationship with them because we could tell they were a great company to work with.

The idea was, as I mentioned before, to manage all the fax infrastructure with a single company or infrastructure. As I commented, we use to have different systems to serve different clients and that was causing a lot of challenges for our company. At the end the decision was made to go with Concord and use them globally in order to facilitate the way we send faxes around the world.


How easy was it to deploy Concord Fax Online in your business?

It was a totally positive change for our company. The users love the way we send and receive faxes. In the previous system we use to have a thin client in the desktop for our customers. Of course, that represented a challenge because we would have to install that thin client and manage those configurations. Now using Concord, sending and receiving emails is an easy way for everybody. Our company uses email as the main media for communicating between employees, for that reason the change has been really easy for our environment.

The integration with our systems became really easy and people are happy to use the features because it gives us more visibility on what is happening. Particularly the sending report and all the integrations. In the old systems we were blind in some things that were happening when we would send and receive faxes. With the support that Concord gives us, as they are the experts in this, we can manage any issue that could come up. Also the integration into our system was really easy and people are happy to have the ability to send and receive faxes within our systems itself. This has given us a great tool for integration of our systems to fax. Other departments are now interested to moving to Concord because they see it is an improvement.

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