Document Management Software: Healthcare & Medical Cloud Storage

Optimize staff resources with AI Powered Care Administration

Administrative Costs now make up 25-31% of total healthcare expenditures in the U.S.*

Do more using less resources using AI driven document automation

Make Documents and Data Work for
You from the Moment They’re Received

Get documents and data where they need to be, remove tedious manual work, and accelerate decision-making—all within an AI-Driven shared workspace.

Enhanced Data Triage
Faster Document Triage
Documents are classified and automatically routed to the right teams or software, where work can begin sooner.
Identified Opportunities
Barriers Identified
Real-time status tracking allows for early identification of barriers, mitigating workflow congestion and keeping important documents in motion.
Faster Decisions
Accelerated Decisions
Highlighting and extracting of relevant fields can lead to quicker, more efficient decisions, and a more seamless data pipeline.
Applied Data
Greater Visibility
A shared workspace allows your team to see at a glance who is working on a given document, what actions they’ve taken, and how far that document has progressed through a workflow.

Solutions that enable faster, more intelligent handling of healthcare documents and data

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*Administrative Costs Associated With Physician Billing and Insurance-Related Activities at an Academic Health Care System

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