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Cloud Fax for Microsoft Office 365

Send & receive faxes from Microsoft Office 365.

We make faxing easy for Microsoft Office 365 users. Send and recieve faxes without disrupting your workflow. 

Whether you’re working in Excel, Word or PowerPoint, you’ll have the option to fax directly from that application.

microsoft office 365

Send faxes from the applications you use everyday

Use Concord Cloud Fax within your browser or your machine – its up to you. All you need is a Concord account registered under the same email address as your Microsoft Outlook account to get started.

Send faxes without opening a new application or window

Fax from Office 365 from a web browser or a desktop application

Send HIPAA-compliant online faxes automatically

Using Concord Cloud Fax within Office 365:

Turn an Email to a Fax

Concord’s email-to-fax service is the simplest way to send and receive faxes. Attach your fax to an email and send it to or

The Concord fax service verifies you are an authorized fax user and then securely transmits the fax to its destination.

Turn a Fax to an Email

Set up your own fax number and as soon someone sends you a document, Concord will deliver it directly to your email inbox.

Unlike traditional fax machines, your fax number is not limited to the area code you are in. You can pick from almost any area code in the US or even select a toll-free number.

A HIPAA compliant, convenient cloud fax solution

Our users prefer the seamless integration of Concord and Microsoft Office 365 because they trust the security and reliability of the Concord network. HIPAA compliant faxing doesn’t need to be complicated. Concord takes care of compliance and security so you don’t have to.

For EHRs and Other Systems
Safe, Protected PHI

Even when users are faxing directly from Microsoft Office, the Concord network will ensure that the transmission is 100% HIPAA compliant. Additionally, the Concord Web Portal allows you to generate extensive usage reports, so if your organization ever undergoes a HIPAA compliance audit, all fax traffic is easily accounted for.

Send and Receive
Active-Active Redundancy

Concord’s active-active datacenters and unlimited capacity have led users to use Concord Fax as the default fax service for all Microsoft hosted Exchange customers worldwide. Concord’s network was engineered from the bottom up to be inherently secure and entirely reliable, so users don’t encounter deliverability issues.

PCI Self Certified
Unbeatable Security

Large organizations sending time-sensitive faxes find peace of mind with Concord Cloud Fax. Our communications are 100% encrypted over TLS or via Secure HTTP. For additional security, you can set the image retention policies to immediately remove sent images, storing nothing and simplifying security requirements.

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