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Concord: A Better Experience for Every User

Ease of use, the freedom to keep your existing fax numbers, and options to customize sending, receiving, and workflows make Concord user-friendly for any team.

cloud fax for users

Start Faxing on Day One

Concord Cloud Fax is simple to set up, even for the largest organizations. You have the freedom to keep all of your existing fax numbers, add new ones if needed, and seamlessly transition your fax operations to the flexibility and security of the cloud.

Cloud Fax that works the way you do

Multiple ways to send and receive faxes enable team members to work effectively. User-friendly experiences and interfaces make it simple to learn and easy to adopt.

Cloud Fax for email

Cloud Fax for email

Send and receive faxes directly from the email inbox you use every day, and receive and view faxes from anywhere, on any device, as soon as they arrive. Concord Cloud Fax also works seamlessly with Microsoft Office365 and Google G Suite.

Fax from any application

Concord Print2Fax allows users to send faxes from any application that has the ability to print, with the same interaction as printing a document. Concord’s Print2Fax integration works with Office 365, EMR/EHR applications, and any Microsoft Windows application that can print.
Fax from any application
Fax from multifunction printer / scanner (MFP)

Fax from multifunction printer / scanner (MFP)

Using your existing MFP infrastructure with Cloud Fax gives your business multiple fax points without expensive fax cards, software or proprietary connectors. There’s no need for an analog or digital phone line for your MFP, just internet connectivity.

Secure Fax

Extensive Secure Fax capabilities are available with Concord Cloud Fax. Keep all your organization’s faxes stored centrally, outside of email, force authentication for access to documents, restrict the actions that users can take and track every interaction with the fax over its lifetime.

Authenticate to View

When a document is received via Secure Fax, authentication will be required in order for the user to view it, providing an additional security layer.

Set Permissions

Permissions can be set for specific actions, such as delete, view, forward or print, so that you stay in complete control of your fax communications.

Shared Fax Inbox

Documents received via Secure Fax are displayed in a shared fax inbox. Team members are able to filter and view at-a-glance all of the faxes in their team inbox.

Fax Workflow and Automation

With Concord Document Workflow, teams have the power to rethink the way they process inbound faxes. We enable our users to route received faxes to shared queues, sign and edit them with all changes tracked, and automatically route the data from those documents to an EHR or other system.

For teams receiving and processing high volumes of documents, we’re here to help you start doing more with your faxes.

Fax traffic reporting

Run and export reports that matter to your team.

  • Determine if any fax numbers you’re sending to aren’t receiving transmissions.
  • Get info on which numbers your team is sending faxes to most often.
  • Report on Cloud Fax usage by individual user or by department.
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peoples trust

“Implementing Concord Fax Online was fast and painless. As an manager, implementing Concord Fax was easy, literally, a no – brainer.”

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Even when users are faxing directly from Microsoft Office, the Concord network will ensure that the transmission is 100% HIPAA compliant. Additionally, the Concord Web Portal allows you to generate extensive usage reports, so if your organization ever undergoes a HIPAA compliance audit, all fax traffic is easily accounted for.

Available via API or through Concord’s Partner Program, we enable Cloud Fax and Document Automation integrations for EHRs and other systems.
IT & Compliance
Day-to-day Cloud Fax users have a wide variety of options for sending and receiving, organizing fax workflows, reporting and more.
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