Concord Technologies has announced its Cloud Fax and NEXTSTEP solutions are now available on AppSource, the app marketplace and digital storefront of Microsoft. Further, the listing includes a co-sell agreement, allowing Concord access to the Microsoft sales team for potential bundled offerings.  

Concord’s technology is built on the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure, leveraging the platform for security and scalability.

“We’ve been a Microsoft partner since the day Concord first opened its doors, and have developed our entire stack using Microsoft technologies,” said Chris Larkin, Concord’s CTO. “Concord Cloud Fax is the staple for providing secure, document delivery in healthcare and other industries. NEXTSTEP is the next generation solution for extracting data from fax and using that data to drive business processes and update systems of record saving our customers countless hours of manual data entry.”

Both Cloud Fax, the cloud-based faxing healthcare service, and the NEXTSTEP upgrade appear in the healthcare and finance categories on the AppSource store.

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