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Epic Faxing is Now Simpler: Concord’s Epic EHR Fax Integration is Here

HIPAA Compliant Faxing with Epic Made Easy

EHRs Are Great, But They Need a Little Help Sometimes

As the healthcare industry continues to work toward total interoperability, the adoption of EHR/EMR systems has become increasingly widespread. While physician surveys indicate a general sense of satisfaction with EHR functionality, there are still some gaps that prevent seamless EHR use for many providers. Because of this, an increasing number of EHR/EMR vendors are looking outside of their own capabilities and opting to partner with third-party services to create a more robust and useful experience, for providers as well as patients.

In keeping with this trend, Epic—one of the most-used EHR systems in the industry today—has opted to integrate with Concord Cloud Fax to support sending and receiving Protected Health Information (PHI) and other sensitive documents within the Epic interface.

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Integrations Improve Processes

If your organization uses Epic (or is looking start), then this integration is likely to be a huge improvement over your existing processes. Or, if your organization is currently trying to get rid of its fax servers in favor of a cloud option, this integration could be the answer to all of your faxing woes.

Whichever of these buckets you fall into, we have four reasons for you to get excited about the Epic and Concord Cloud Fax integration.


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Concord Cloud Faxing with Epic is HIPAA Compliant

For healthcare users, this is hugely important. HIPAA compliance governs the exchange of all PHI within the industry, but too many providers find themselves having to take additional measures and put in extra work to ensure that all documents remain secure in transit and at rest. Concord Cloud Fax is HIPAA compliant at every step of the transmission; and now, integrated with Epic, PHI and sensitive documents can be routed in and out of the secure EHR environment without ever presenting a potential compliance concern.

Concord for Epic Users Can Fax Without Fax Servers

Though some fax platforms have unofficial integrations with Epic, the most widely-used still require fax servers to be housed and maintained by the Epic users’ organization. This means that the ability to fax from Epic comes without the lack of scalability and disaster recovery limitations of on-premises fax servers. Concord Cloud Fax for Epic allows organizations to ditch their fax servers; all fax transmissions in and out of Epic can take place solely in the cloud. For your organization’s IT department, this shift means never having to worry about having enough capacity or planning for an outage.

Concord Cloud Faxes Can be Sent and Viewed Directly from Epic

Forget switching from program to program or—worse yet—traipsing to an actual machine to send or receive faxes: Concord Cloud Fax for Epic lets users handle all of their faxing from within the Epic interface. Not only does this create the most seamless possible user experience, it also helps contribute to security and HIPAA compliance, as it prevents sensitive faxes from being viewed by anyone other than the individuals with the proper Epic credentials.

The Concord Cloud Fax Integration is Supported by Epic

Users of the Concord Cloud Fax and Epic integration can rely on the Epic support team for assistance.This process eliminates the need to go back and forth between two different support teams for two different products, and you’ll avoid having to deal with someone who can’t address all of your questions at once. Epic’s support of Concord Cloud Fax can save users time and energy should any questions or concerns about the service should arise.

There are plenty of other reasons to be excited about faxing from Epic with Concord Cloud Fax; learn more here and get more information on how to start faxing from Epic today. Or, contact us to start speaking directly with a member of the Concord sales team.

Get started by building your quote for faxing from Epic EHR with Concord.

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