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Fax from Epic

Fax hundreds, thousands or millions of documents directly from Epic – no fax machines, fax servers or phone lines required.
Sending and receiving faxes is easy with Cloud Fax for Epic Systems. Concord Cloud Fax provides seamlessly embedded faxing inside of Epic. Healthcare users can simply enable Cloud Faxing for Epic, eliminating the need to integrate, maintain and support legacy fax servers. There are no network or telephone systems to manage – just secure, HIPAA compliant faxing with industry-leading deliverability.

How Does Concord Cloud Fax for Epic Work?

The integration with Concord Cloud Fax enables Epic customers to send faxes directly from the Epic application – minimizing disruption to existing fax workflows. Fax requests are submitted to Concord via Epic Print Services (EPS) and, optionally, can pass Epic data fields as custom metadata for enhanced reporting. The status of sent faxes is retrieved from Cloud fax by EPS and updated within the Epic application.

How Can a Cloud Fax Integration Help Epic Users?

Fax directly from the Epic Dashboard

Fax directly from the Epic Dashboard

Fax directly from the Epic dashboard and eliminate the need to switch back and forth between screens. Cloud Fax for Epic provides a more intuitive approach to faxing that saves time, enhances security and enables authenticated users to ensure documents reach their destination.

Send Epic Data fields as Metadata

Improve reporting capabilities by mapping up to 10 Epic data fields for inclusion as fax metadata which can be searched and filtered. Concord offers more than 40 fields to select from and the list is growing…
Send Epic Data fields as Metadata

Fax Status in Epic Printout Tracking

Verify delivery of faxes directly from Epic Printout Tracking. Concord Cloud Fax verifies the fax was delivered to the recipient, not just the Cloud Fax servers.

No Fax Servers Required

Switch to Cloud Fax for Epic and take the burden of on-premise fax server management away from your IT team. Concord Cloud Fax’s active-active network ensures every fax is delivered on time—all the time.

HIPAA Compliant Faxing for Epic

Concord takes HIPAA compliance seriously. Every document transported across the Cloud Fax network is secured and encrypted, with physical, logical and procedural measures in place that exceed the requirements of current HIPAA regulations.

Available in the Epic App Orchard

app orchard
Concord Cloud Fax can be used with Epic 2017+. Simply set up an account, transfer your existing fax numbers, configure the Concord plug-in in Epic and you’re ready to go. Within minutes, you can start sending and receiving faxes from the Epic interface that you use every day.
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