Acute Care Hospitals - Optimize Patient Flow | Concord Technologies

Acute Care Hospitals – Optimize Patient Flow | Concord Technologies

Improve patient flow with inbound document automation.

Learn how we provide hospitals with affordable, AI-based solutions to more effectively process inbound faxes and documents.

How does it work?

The vast majority of documents in healthcare are exchanged as faxes: We make it more simple, secure, and integrated.

AI technology is used to identify the fields that are important within a given document, and then that data is automatically extracted.

Automated classification and tagging mean when documents are received, there’s no need to manually sort and identify them.

The data that’s critical to your patient outcomes is automatically pushed to your EHR, or any other system where it’s needed.

When a document has been classified, it’s routed directly to the team or user who needs to work on it.

Document statuses and reporting make it easy to track day-to-day document activities, so process gaps can be identified and fixed.


About Concord

For over 20 years, Concord has been providing secure, reliable Cloud Fax services to the healthcare industry. Today, we enable our users to send and receive thousands or millions of cloud faxes each day, and also to do more with those faxes: Automate document workflows, extract data from documents, and route that data into an EHR or other system.

Simply put, Concord makes it easier to manage the faxes, documents, and data that healthcare organizations run on. We connect your documents with the people and systems that they belong to. Concord changes the way that healthcare organizations exchange faxes, and enables them to do more with the data exchanged.

Why Concord?


Leading Deliverability

Concord’s fully active-active, dually-redundant network provides users with industry-leading uptime and deliverability. It’s why some of the largest names in healthcare rely on Concord to securely exchange millions of critical documents every day.

World Class Support

Our developer support can help get your project off the ground, and from there our premium support will handle even your most complex questions. We believe that our incredible support team is one of the reasons behind our 99% customer retention rate.

Flexible & scalable

As your business grows, your use of Concord’s capabilities can easily scale to match the pace of your day-to-day usage and needs. Our users are able to easily process thousands or millions of pages each day.

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